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How can I watch pure mule?

How can I watch pure mule?

One of the most pioneering Irish TV dramas of the noughties is now available to watch in full on the RTÉ Player. ‘Pure Mule’ aired for the first time in 2005 and was set in the boom times. It portrays a contemporary, rural Ireland and is set in a Midlands market town.

Is Pure Mule on Netflix?

RTÉ have produced some brilliant dramas over the past decade or so. Love/Hate was of course the most successful, but the likes of Raw, Pure Mule, and Dublin Murders were all hugely popular. This one was certainly amongst the best of them.

How many episodes of pure mule are there?

Pure Mule/Number of episodes

Where was pure mule the last weekend filmed?

Pure Mule: The Last Weekend was shot in Birr, County Offaly and the surrounding areas such as Banagher and Shannonbridge. It is again directed by Declan Recks and is again produced by Accomplice Television. The show is written by Eugene O’Brien.

Who played Deirdre in pure mule?

Dawn Bradfield
Deirdre, played by Dawn Bradfield, is a former Offaly Rose who looks for consolation and escapism there. Deirdre, who married too young, has three children and has been caring for her mother (played by Stella McCusker), who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Where was pure mule set?

rural Ireland
Pure Mule is set in modern rural Ireland, in a midlands market town. Each of the six episodes of the original series (which first aired on RTE in 2005) focuses in on one particular character from Friday evening to Monday morning.

Where was pure mule filmed?

While ‘Normal People’ switches between Sligo and Dublin, ‘Pure Mule’ was filmed in Offaly. It portrayed weekend life in a fictional midlands town, particularly the misadventures of ‘Scobie’ Donoghue, played by Garrett Lombard.

Where was pure mule based?

Pure Mule is set in modern rural Ireland, in a midlands market town.

When was pure mule made?

6 September 2005
Pure Mule/First episode date

Who played Scobie in pure mule?

actor Garrett Lombard
GOREY actor Garrett Lombard will reprise one of his most popular roles, as ‘Scobie’ returns in a new instalment of the hit RTE drama ‘Pure Mule’ which airs in a two-parter on September 6 and 7 next.

When was the last episode of Pure Mule?

Pure Mule returned in 2009 for two-part special called “The Last Weekend”. That special reunited many of the much-loved characters of the original series set in an Ireland that was now in economic freefall.

Who is Tom in Pure Mule the last weekend?

After a 4 year stay in London, Jen has come home to bury her mother. Her boyfriend of two years, Tom, accompanies her home. Her former flame, Scobie, meanwhile is struggling with what to do in a place that has no jobs–and no place for him now that Jen has moved on.

Who is the writer of Pure Mule TV series?

Pure Mule was written as a six-part series aimed at a young audience by the playwright Eugene O’Brien and produced by Accomplice Television, the television arm of Element Films. It was promoted as being part of the new “edgier” and “riskier” RTÉ Two schedule, which also featured a gay -themed night following its relaunch from Network 2 in 2004.

Where does the phrase Pure Mule come from?

“Pure Mule” is a phrase in the Offaly dialect which may mean “really good” or “lousy”, depending on the intonation. Pure Mule won five Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTAs) and was nominated for seven in total. It is still referenced in the Irish media years after its original broadcast.