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How developed is Namibia?

How developed is Namibia?

The World Bank classifies Namibia as upper middle income, but the authorities insist that theirs is in fact a developing country. Namibia certainly has some of the difficulties we associate with less-developed economies. It has to develop a very large and arid country with a small population.

Is Namibia a developmental state?

There is no doubt that Namibia’s economic challenges require an interventionist state. The path of the developmental state has proven to be a realistic path that can not only deliver much needed jobs but also position our country on the path towards sustained economic growth.

Does Namibia have average development?

After experiencing average annual growth of 4.4% between 1991 and 2015, Namibia’s economy fell into recession in 2016 and has since struggled to recover. Structural policy reforms will be required to raise Namibia’s growth potential.

Is Namibia a poor or rich country?

Rated as a high middle income country, Namibia’s poverty and inequality levels are among the highest. About 28.7% of the population is poor while 15% are extremely poor. Poverty is highest in rural (37%) than in urban areas (15%).

What is the main religion in Namibia?

Religion in Namibia is dominated by various branches of Christianity, with more than 90 percent of Namibian citizens identifying themselves as Christian.

Who is a billionaire in Namibia?

Fransisco Aupa Indongo (born January 15 1936), is a prominent Namibian businessman and former politician. He owns Continental Enterprises, Indongo Toyota, Frans Indongo Gardens, Farm Gelukwater, Select Service and Gas Station and various shares in mining and fishing companies in Namibia.

Can you drink water in Namibia?

Can I drink the tap water in Namibia? Tap water is purified in hotels, lodges and other public places so is safe to drink. If you are worried about drinking the tap water, bottled water is available to purchase throughout Namibia.

Who is the famous person in Namibia?

Hendrik Witbooi He died in action in 1905, but remains a celebrated national hero. His face was portrayed on the obverse of all Namibian dollar banknotes until 20 March 2012, and is still on all N$50, N$100 and N$200 notes.

What is the climate of Namibia?

Namibia is a land of sunshine, with an average of 300 sunny days a year. Winter (our summer) days are generally cloudless, with clear blue skies. In summer, clouds build up in late afternoon. Many travelers assume that because they are traveling to Africa, it must always be warm.