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How did Hakeem from the Parkers died?

How did Hakeem from the Parkers died?

LOS ANGELES – Lamont Bentley, who was a regular in the 1990s sitcom “Moesha” and appeared frequently in television and movies, was killed in a car crash, his manager said Wednesday. Bentley, 31, played Hakeem Campbell, the longtime friend of pop singer Brandy’s character, Moesha Mitchell, in the UPN sitcom “Moesha.”

Who passed away from Moesha?

R.I.P. Yvette Wilson. Yvette Wilson, best known for portraying Andell Wilkerson on the Upn sitcom Moesha, has died in Los Angeles following a long battle against cervical cancer. Wilson, who was 48, died June 14.

Is Yvette Wilson still alive?

Deceased (1964–2012)
Yvette Wilson/Living or Deceased

Did Hakeem and Kim date?

In the spin-off “The Parkers,” it’s revealed that they’re no longer dating. Hakeem later dated Kim Parker’s best friend, Stevie Van Lowe on “The Parkers.”

Why did Moesha end so abruptly?

Despite the recognition, the show steadily declined in ratings, leading to its cancelation. According to EW, UPN cancelled Moesha because of poor ratings; however, at the time, UPN’s plan was to address the pregnancy cliffhanger in the spin-off series The Parkers, which premiered on the network in 1999.

How old is Lamont Bentley now?

Lamont Bentley
Born Artimus Lamont Gardison BentleyOctober 25, 1973 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Died January 19, 2005 (aged 31) Ventura County, California, U.S.
Cause of death Road accident
Resting place Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills

Is andell from Parkers died?

Actress Yvette Wilson, best known for her role as Andell Wilkerson on the hit 90s sit-com “Moesha” and later, its spinoff, “The Parkers,” has died, CNN reports. The Los Angeles-born actress succumbed to cervical cancer after a variety of medical problems.

Who did Moesha sleep with?

One in this comedy series about Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious African-American teenager living in Los Angeles with her father, stepmother, and wisecracking younger brother. In this episode, Moesha decides that she is ready to have sex with Aaron.