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How did Paul c McKasty die?

How did Paul c McKasty die?

Paul C/Cause of death

What happened to Paul C?

Death. On Monday, July 17, 1989, Paul C was shot to death in Rosedale, Queens, at the age of 24. His murder was featured on America’s Most Wanted, leading to the arrest of Derrick “Little Shine” Blair in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

How many rappers did die?

List of murdered hip hop musicians

Name Date of death Age at death
Seagram July 31, 1996 26
Tupac Shakur September 13, 1996 25
Yaki Kadafi November 10, 1996 19
The Notorious B.I.G. March 9, 1997 24

Who killed Soulja Slim in New Orleans?

Garelle Smith
Soulja Slim, a rapper known for his gritty street smart lyrics is still considered one of the founders of what is New Orleans rap. In 2003 months after Slim was killed, police arrested Garelle Smith, a man believed to have been responsible for Slim’s death.

Where is Soulja Slim buried?

Mount Olivet Cemetery, New Orleans, LA
Soulja Slim/Place of burial

How old is Soulja Slim now?


Soulja Slim
Birth name James Adarryl Tapp Jr.
Also known as Magnolia Slim Soulja Slim
Born September 9, 1977 Magnolia, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Died November 26, 2003 (aged 26) Gentilly, New Orleans, Louisiana

Who is the number 1 selling rapper of all time?

Eminem. Eminem is the best-selling rapper in history. With over 200 million records sold, he is also the 6th best-selling solo music artist of all time. Growing up in Detroit, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem started his rap career at the age of 16.

How old was Paul C when he died?

Paul C. McKasty (September 20, 1964 – July 17, 1989), better known as Paul C, was an East coast hip hop pioneer, producer, engineer, and mixer in the 1980s.

When did Paul C’s first album Come Out?

Band member Lindley Farley credits Paul for being the group’s best live performer during their early shows. The group later recorded a self-titled album at Hi-Five Studios in New York City, which they released in 1985 on Manna Records/Mando-Division Music.

What did Paul C do for a living?

Paul C’s status began to grow and he was hired to work for higher-profile artists. He produced tracks for Eric B. & Rakim’s Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em. He was planning on producing more songs for the group and also for Queen Latifah, Biz Markie, and Large Professor’s group Main Source.

Who are some of Paul C’s famous producers?

Though many notable producers such as The Bomb Squad, Easy Mo Bee, Lord Finesse, Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Ski used the sampler, Paul is credited as one of the early innovators of chopping with it. Roots drummer Questlove described Paul as, “The engineer/producer/beatdigger who inspired your favorite producer’s favorite producer.