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How do I choose a Bisac code?

How do I choose a Bisac code?

Look for codes that reflect the breadth and depth of your book’s content. Choose BISAC codes that accurately and clearly describe the content of your book as a whole. Do not select codes that pertain to only one chapter or reflect only a peripheral topic or theme of the work.

What is a Bisac subject code?

The BISAC Subject Headings List, also known as the BISAC Subject Codes List, is a standard used by many companies throughout the supply chain to categorize books based on topical content.

Are Bisac codes free?

The license is FREE to BISG members. Non-member pricing is based on annual company revenue, as shown in the table above. Fees support BISG’s costs for annual maintenance of the BISAC standard.

What are the Bisac categories?

BISAC, which stands for Book Industry Standards And Communications, is a globally accepted system for categorizing books….Using the BISAC Subject Headings List

  • ART.

How many Bisac codes can I use?

three BISAC codes
You may select more than one subject code. BISG best practices recommend that you select no more than three BISAC codes for any title. Choosing fewer than three is also best practice, when the codes chosen fully describe the book.

How many Bisac codes are there?

BISAC codes are 9-character alphanumeric codes that tell book retailers, distributors, and librarians what categories and subcategories a book belongs in. That might sound boring, but it’s really important. If you’re publishing a book, you will need them.

What does Bisac stand for?

Book Industry Standards and Communications
BISAC is an acronym for Book Industry Standards and Communications.

Does Amazon use Bisac?

Amazon accepts the first two BISAC codes you set and uses them to determine the most closely matching Amazon categories. Additionally, they also use the keywords you set (up to 7) to put your book in the most accurate ‘browse category’.

What does Bisac code mean?

Who uses Bisaccodes?