How do I claim my free Motocaddy golf bag?

How do I claim my free Motocaddy golf bag?

The free golf bag will be sent direct from Motocaddy and the claims process is completed through the dedicated promotional hub on the Motocaddy website. Golfers must submit an online claim no later than Sunday 20th January 2020 and Motocaddy will send the free bag within 25 working days of receiving the claim.

Do Motocaddy bags fit all trolleys?

Any standard golf bag will fit securely onto a Motocaddy trolley. Some very large tour bags will fit but may not be the snuggest of fits. The Motocaddy bag range is designed for use with our trolley range and features a unique slot on the base to prevent twisting.

Are Motocaddy waterproof?

The brand new PROTEKTA is a waterproof and lightweight (3.1kg) cart bag incorporating a noise reducing 14-way organiser top to hold clubs securely in place on the course and prevent club-head clashing.

Where are Motocaddy trolleys made?

Hertfordshire, England
The Motocaddy management team, with collective experience of over 50 years in the golf industry, is based in Hertfordshire, England. Founded in 2004, their award-winning line-up of trolleys is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

What is the best electric golf trolley?

Powakaddy CT6
4. Powakaddy CT6: The best electric golf trolley that you can buy. The innovative Powakaddy CT6 range offers the perfect balance of practicality and hi-tech features.

Can you use stand bags on a trolley?

Trolleys are designed to work with stand bags. They are perfect for stand bags. However, most people choose to use their carry bags on them as well.

Is a cart bag the same as a trolley bag?

Cart bags, also known as trolley bags, are specifically designed to be carried on a golf buggy or trolley, whether it be a push/pull cart or electric. This golf bag is noticeably lighter and smaller than tour bags,at around six to 7 pounds, to allow easy mobility when placed on the trolley.

What is the best waterproof golf bag?

Best Waterproof Golf Bags 2021

  • Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag.
  • Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag (Best Premium)
  • Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Dry Lite Stand Bag (Best Premium)
  • Cobra Golf 2021 Ultradry Stand Bag.
  • TaylorMade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag.
  • Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag.

How does Motocaddy Easilock work?

Two holes on the trolley’s bag support are aligned with two pins on the base of all new Motocaddy cart bags; ensuring golfers can lock their bag onto the trolley before using the upper bag strap to secure it completely. The EASILOCK™ range is available online or from your nearest Motocaddy stockist.

Which golf trolley is best?

Best Golf Push Trolleys

  • Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley. + Compact and light while folded and simple to unfold.
  • PowaKaddy TwinLine 4 Push Cart.
  • Motocaddy Z1 Push Trolley.
  • Big Max Ti Lite Push Trolley.
  • Motocaddy P1 Push Trolley.
  • Big Max Blade Quattro Push Trolley.
  • Clicgear 4.0 Push Trolley.
  • Big Max Blade IP Push Trolley.

What is the best value electric golf trolley?

The Promaster Plus Digital is arguably the best value electric golf cart. Complete with a powerful motor and a 36-hole battery, it makes light work of any course. It is extremely easy to handle and has digital controls for extra ease of use.

Is it worth getting an electric golf trolley?

Electric trolleys are highly recommended if your course is particularly hilly or has a number of fairways, making it harder to carry or push/pull your trolley around. Electric options are far easier to use than push or pull trolleys as all the work is done by the battery, as opposed to your body.