How do I connect to TeamSpeak IVAO?

How do I connect to TeamSpeak IVAO?

Connect to a server manually

  1. Open TeamSpeak 2.
  2. Select Connection tab.
  3. Click on “Connect”

How do I use IVAO?

Pilot First Steps

  1. Download, install and set up the required software.
  2. Connect to the IVAO Network (“IVAN”)
  3. Submit a (basic) flight plan.
  4. Interact with Air Traffic Control (ATC), or how to act in absence of ATC.
  5. Obtain further information and training.

How do I become an IVAO controller?

Controller First Steps

  1. Download, install and set up the required software.
  2. Add and load a sector file for your favourite airport.
  3. Connect to the IVAO Network (“IVAN”)
  4. Set up an ATIS.
  5. Obtain further information and training.

How old do you have to be to use IVAO?

16 years of age
One-time registration with IVAO, with the full and real name at www.ivao.aero, grants usage of IVAO services provided the user is minimal 16 years of age at the time of registration, registers a continuously valid working e-mail address and chooses an IVAO division.

How old is TeamSpeak?

In 2001, the first public version of TeamSpeak was released. We achieved our goals and did what we set out to do. Our software was not limited to a single platform, needed less bandwidth than other applications, and required minimal firewall and bandwidth usage. All with a user-friendly interface.

What is PilotEdge?

Put simply, PilotEdge provides software to connect your flight simulator to our voice and data network. The PilotEdge Air Traffic Controllers connect to the voice and data network using specialized software. It provides them with a display that is virtually identical to the display used in real-world ATC facilities.

Is IVAO free?

International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW (IVAO) is a non-profit association which operates a free-of-charge online flight-simulation network.

What are the minimum requirement for a pilot in Ivao?

Pilot Rating

Title Minimum Hours Theoretical Exam
Private Pilot (PP) 50 yes
Senior Private Pilot (SPP) 100 yes
Commercial Pilot (CP) 200 yes
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) 750 yes

How do I connect my Ivao pilot?

CONNECTING TO THE NETWORK AS ACTIVE PILOT You must click on the OFFLINE button in order to connect to the IVAO network. The popup “CONNECT TO NETWORK” appears and you must fill your information in this window: Your own callsign for the IVAO network. Your own VID given by IVAO (example is 100000)

Is TeamSpeak better than Discord?

For optimal audio quality and stability, and for gaming, choose Teamspeak. However, Discord might be a better option if you want to set up a free server for something like a Reddit group.

Can I use TeamSpeak for free?

TeamSpeak 3 Client is absolutely FREE to download and install on your PC, Mac or Linux Box. Once installed, you can freely access 1000s of public TeamSpeak servers or even your own private TeamSpeak server. If you have your own server hardware, you can set up your own private server, completely FREE-of-charge too!

Which is the best version of TeamSpeak for IVAO?

Important: IVAO is only compatible with TeamSpeak Version 2! Should you have TeamSepak 3 installed already, install our version, too. Once you have installed and have run Teamspeak, there are some settings you must change. Open Settings → Sound Input/Output Settings.

What’s the best way to install TeamSpeak 2?

IVAO procedures recommend the use of a basic headset with an integrated microphone in order to keep hands free for flying or controlling. The last version of IVAO pilot interface and IVAO ATC software will automatically install TeamSpeak 2. Use this method as regular installation of IVAO software.

How to connect to a teamspeak server with IVAC?

Voice: Select on to have IvAc connect you to a TeamSpeak server automatically. Once all of the above details are entered, press the Connect button. When you have successfully connected, you will receive a welcome message in the MSG tab of IvAc’s COMMBox, and the CONNECT button will now read DISCON.

Do you need ATC software to use TeamSpeak?

IVAO policy recommends to all the use of voice communications due to the increased sense of realism (we try to be as real as it gets). After IVAO ATC software has connected, TeamSpeak is automatically launched on the selected server. Be aware that IVAO ATC software and TeamSpeak cannot automatically create your ATC channel.