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How do I contact IMDb?

How do I contact IMDb?

For the IMDbPro App: Use the button under the Contact tab on your profile page. For the IMDbPro Website: Use the (at the bottom of your page) followed by Contact info & representation. Choose the option for Direct contact details….Personal direct contact information

  1. Phone numbers.
  2. Email addresses.
  3. Fax numbers.

Are IMDb contacts real?

While we collect information about millions of people involved in the film and entertainment industry, we’re unable to contact them or forward messages to them on behalf or our customers.

How do I get my contact info on IMDbPro?

To view contact information for a person, navigate to that individual’s IMDbPro page and click the Contacts tab below the person’s headshot. To view contact information for a company, navigate to the company page on IMDbPro and click the “Branch Offices” tab.

What is a IMDb number?

Look at the address bar in your browser when you are on the correct movie’s IMDB page. The URL will look like the following: “” The IMDB number is the number located at the end of the URL, including any zeros.

What happens if you cancel your IMDbPro account?

When your IMDbPro membership ends, the following information will be removed from your IMDb page: Any photos and demo reels uploaded via your IMDbPro membership. Known For titles will revert to the IMDb algorithm. Any unverified credits added via IMDbPro.

How do I add an agent to IMDb?

While logged into your IMDbPro membership, you can add or update contact details for your IMDb page by clicking the ”Edit Page” button at the bottom of the page. The section titled “Contact Details” will allow you to add or remove representation, employees, clients, branch offices, etc.

How do you find out who someone’s agent is?

The best way for actors to find agents is to ask a fellow actor (or casting director) who knows your work really well. For example, someone from acting class with whom you’ve been studying for a good long while, or someone on a set who you’ve worked with and who knows your work.

Why is IMDb not working?

Most other IMDb app issues can be resolved by attempting these troubleshooting steps: Force close the app, then re-open. Log out of your account in the IMDb app, then log back in. Restart your device.

How do I stop paying for IMDb?

How To Cancel Your IMDbPro Membership on the Company’s Website

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose the option to log in with IMDb or Amazon.
  3. Visit your account information page.
  4. Click on Continue to Cancel.
  5. Select Confirm Cancellation.

Is IMDbPro free with Amazon Prime?

Is IMDbPro Free With Amazon Prime? Unfortunately, however, IMDbPro is not included in Amazon Prime.