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How do I contact the Baltimore Sun?

How do I contact the Baltimore Sun?

If you would like to make a change to your subscription please contact the Baltimore Sun Customer Service Center at 443-692-9011. Our hours of operation are M-F 7:00am-5:00pm; Saturday and Sunday 7:00am- noon; holidays 7:00am-11:00am (EST).

How do I submit a story to The Baltimore Sun?

Contact The Baltimore Sun To give The Sun newsroom a general tip, email [email protected], fill out this form, or call 410-332-6100. To submit a news release, email it to a specific reporter or editor listed in this directory, or send the newsroom a fax to 410-332-6455.

How do I cancel my Baltimore Sun delivery?

You can pause the delivery of The Baltimore Sun. You need to provide them with the exact start date. To do so, call their customer service at 443 692-9011.

How much is the Baltimore Sun Sunday paper?

$4.99/week Daily home delivery of the paper. Money-saving coupons every Sunday.

Does the Baltimore Sun have coupons?

Sign up for their newsletter and print coupons right from their website. You can do this for almost any of the major brands. Internet printable coupons. Visit printable coupon websites such as,, and

Where is the Baltimore Sun located?

The Baltimore Sun

Light for All
The June 16, 2009 front page of The Baltimore Sun
Headquarters 300 E. Cromwell Street
City Baltimore, Maryland
Country United States

How much is Baltimore Sun Digital?


How do I stop newspaper delivery while on vacation?

Fortunately, you can easily have your paper delivery put on hold while you are away. Call your newspaper company one week before you leave, to give the company ample time to notify your carrier. The phone number will be in your phone book, on your bill, or in the newspaper.

How do locals pronounce Baltimore?

(Bawl-MURR, Bawl-DAH-more) n. The largest city in Maryland. (Bal-tih-more-EEZ, Bawl-murr-EEZ) n. Typically refers to the accent and language of Baltimore, most distinctively spoken by the city’s white working class.

Is Baltimore expensive to live?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City ranks among the most expensive cities to live in. A new study finds Baltimore is the 46th most expensive. The average cost of living is a little more than $2,000 a month.

Who is Baltimore Sun owned by?

Tribune Publishing
Tribune Publishing shareholders voted Friday to approve hedge fund Alden Global Capital’s $633 million purchase of the Chicago-based newspaper chain that owns The Baltimore Sun.

How old is Baltimore Sun?

The Baltimore Sun, founded in 1837, is the largest daily newspaper in Maryland and owns the Capital Gazette and the Carroll County Times.