How do I contact the minister of Education in Alberta?

How do I contact the minister of Education in Alberta?

Alberta Education can be contacted in a number of ways. To be connected by telephone toll-free from anywhere in Alberta, dial 310-0000 and when prompted dial the desired number. The electronic address (URL) for Alberta Education is

What curriculum is followed in Alberta?

Alberta’s new K-6 curriculum is founded on 4 key learning themes: literacy, numeracy, citizenship and practical skills. These themes are applied in all grades across all subject areas. This new focus ensures classrooms are centres of learning excellence.

What are four of the provincial government’s responsibilities in Education Albertans?

Our responsibilities evaluate curriculum and assess outcomes. teacher development and certification. support students with diverse learning needs. fund and support school boards.

What is the guide to education?

The Guide to Education combines key information and requirements for the operation and delivery of ECS-12 education programs and services in Alberta in a single, convenient reference. The Guide will be of particular interest to administrators, guidance counsellors, student advisors, teachers and other educators.

Who is the current minister of education in Alberta?

LaGrange was elected on April 16, 2019, and was appointed as the Minister of Education on April 30, 2019. In the 2019 Alberta general election, LaGrange won her constituency with a total of 12,739 votes based on a 62.6% voter turnout in Red-Deer North.

Who is the Minister of Education in Alberta 2020?

Ministry of Education (Alberta)

Logo of Alberta Education
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Alberta
Agency executive Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

What is wrong with Alberta k6 curriculum?

The Edmonton Public School Board has formally asked the Alberta government to rewrite its controversial draft K-6 curriculum and halt a pilot program of it this fall, saying the curriculum contains mistakes, is not always age-appropriate, and lacks diverse perspectives.

Who decides the Alberta curriculum?

Faculty of Education deans and professors from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions reviewed the draft K to 6 curriculum. Their role was to provide advice and recommendations during the drafting step.

Who is in charge of Alberta education?

Adriana LaGrange
Adriana LaGrange was appointed as Alberta’s Education Minister on April 30, 2019. Serving as a Trustee of the Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division for more than 11 years, LaGrange is well positioned to understand the unique needs of the education system.

Does Alberta have the best education system?

Alberta has a well-developed educational system and is known for having one of the best education systems in Canada, and the world. It has also historically performed well on international ranking tests and diploma examinations.

Who is Alberta’s education minister?

LaGrange was elected on April 16, 2019, and was appointed as the Minister of Education on April 30, 2019….Adriana LaGrange.

The Honourable Adriana LaGrange MLA
Residence Red Deer, Alberta
Education Diploma of Rehab Studies
Alma mater Humber College
Occupation Rehabilitative Practitioner, School Trustee

What are the principles of educational guidance?

(ii) Guidance is based on planning. (iii) Guidance services occupy an integral part in the educational or school organisation. (iv) Guidance is a slow process. (v) Guidance is based on individual differences.

What does the government of Alberta do for Education?

Refocusing on essential knowledge in Alberta’s elementary schools. Businesses and non-profits can apply for funding to reduce the cost of hiring and training Albertans for new jobs. Alberta’s government is honouring its 2019 platform commitment to bring back a new and improved Affordable Supportive Living Initiative (ASLI) program.

How to apply for teacher certification in Alberta?

How to apply for teacher certification in Alberta. Information about K to 12 online learning, distance education and blended learning, and home education in Alberta. Information on the General Educational Development (GED) including eligibility and where you can write the tests.

What are the requirements for a high school diploma in Alberta?

Diplomas, credentials and other requirements for high school graduation and options for upgrading. Curriculum and programs of study, provincial assessment, and other education supports for K to 12 students and educators.

What to expect in kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta?

Curriculum development and programs of study for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students. Newsletters, events, school councils and opportunities that help students, parents and teachers engage in education. Health and safety in Alberta schools, technology use and instructional supports.