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How do I customize my OAF pages?

How do I customize my OAF pages?

Setting the FND: Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS) profile option to “Yes” will enable the diagnostics global button to be rendered on the screen. Set the value to Yes to allow ‘Personalize’ link to appear at the right top of the OAF page. It renders the “Personalize Region” links above each region in a page.

How do I turn off OAF customization?

Go to Functional Administrator Responsibility. Put the OAF page path in Document path Column and Click Go. After Click on Mange Personalization you can see below options where you can delete activate and Deactivate personalization from the OAF page.

What is OAF pages in Oracle Apps?

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is an architecture for creating web based front end pages and J2EE type of applications within the Oracle EBS ERP platform. – The OA Framework helps to create self Service pages in Oracle EBS. – The OA Framework helps in controlling the flow of the application.

How do I create a item in OAF personalization?

In the Personalize Region: Basic Details screen, click on the Create Item icon for the Default Single Column: Basic Details object as shown in the following screenshot: From the Item Style list, select MessageStyledText to add a display only field. Click on the Apply button.

How do I check my oaf Personalization from backend?

Step1:- Go to Functional Administrator. Then Go to Personalization Repository. Step 4:- Then enter the Document path/ page path for which you want to see all your OAF Personalizations as below.

What is form Personalization in Oracle Apps?

Forms Personalization Tutorial Personalization will store who columns with which we have the ability to track who created/modified it where as in CUSTOM. PLL we don’t have that ability. Can be applied to new responsibilities/users easily. Can be restricted to function or form.

How do I remove oaf personalization from backend?

Step7:- Click on Go. Step8:- select the personalization and delete it. Find the Customization’s in Back End.

How do I turn off personalization?

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What does oaf mean?


Acronym Definition
OAF Office of Administration and Finance (various locations)
OAF Only A Fool
OAF Oracle Applications Framework
OAF Operation Allied Force

What is the difference between OAF and ADF?

OAF Technology is based on MVC architecture and its specifically designed for Oracle EBS applications. ADF is a comprehensive, model-view-controller(MVC) technology stack that is oriented towards general-purpose application development which means its not specific to particular technologies .

How do I make fields mandatory in oaf page?

With reference to the personalisation in OAF Page, we need to make some field mandatory. Navigation: Mainstore–Select the item from Item category–seelct the item–Add to cart– View cart and checkout–PRice Field Mandatroy on check out page.

How do I add a field to my oaf page?

Run the page from jDeveloper or from eBusiness Suite, so as to personalization the existing region. By personalization, a new field will be added. This new field will have a prompt Supplier number. And also, this new field will be mapped to the new view object attribute.

Is there a way to personalize the oaf page?

oracle oaf page personalization Customizing Self Service Applications using Personalizations Release 11.5.10 provides a feature called Personalize Page, which gives us the ability to customize the look and feel of the Self Service Applications. Setting the Profile option Personalize Self-Service Defn to “Yes”, enables this feature.

Where are page definitions stored in OAF framework?

In OAF the page definitions are stored in JDR tables normally called MDS repository .In the standard application sometimes customer wants some degree of changes in the display/functionality.OAF has a mechanism called Personalization to achieve this.Personalizations are also stored in MDS but a layer above the page definition.So it is upgrade safe.

What is the Oracle Application Framework ( OAF ) used for?

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is an architecture for creating web based front end pages and J2EE type of applications within the Oracle EBS ERP platform. In order to develop and maintain OAF functionality, Oracle’s JDeveloper tool is used.

How to export OA Framework personalization in Oracle?

Go to Functional Administrator.Click on Personalization tab. Under Import/Export click on Personalization Repository. Give Document Root Path as ” /oracle/apps/pos/supplier/webui ” and press Go.Page will display all the Personalizations. Select all the listed Personalization s which you want to export and press Export to File System.