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How do I download Ffxiv launcher?

How do I download Ffxiv launcher?

Please visit to download the official Windows client for Final Fantasy XIV. Please go to your Steam Library and download Final Fantasy XIV directly through the Steam client.

How do I install XIV launcher?

How to install the launcher. Download the latest “Setup.exe” from the releases page and run it. XIVLauncher will start and will be installed to your start menu. To uninstall, you can use the Windows Programs & Apps menu or right click XIVLauncher in your start menu.

How do I install Ffxiv on PC?

Installation instructions

  1. Download the FINAL FANTASY XIV PC Digital Download file from the link provided below.
  2. Double click the “ffxivsetup.exe” file and select the appropriate region and language settings.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the FINAL FANTASY XIV launcher onto your hard drive.

Where is the download link for Ffxiv?

You can find the game client download at either of the following links: NA: … EU: … Service options such as subscriptions can be managed on the Mog Station here: Hope this helps!

Can I download Ffxiv without subscription?

Downloading patches require being logged in. The work around is to have a second account under the free trial to use to download patches without being subbed.

How many GB is ff14?

60 GB
Storage: 60 GB available space.

What is XIV launcher?

XIV Launcher: An alternative launcher that also hosts a variety of small plugins, most of them QoL related. XIV Alexander: A program that simulates low ping, which enables double weave for people with high ping.

Can I launch Ffxiv without steam?

FINAL FANTASY XIV Steam version clients can currently be opened directly without going through the Steam application and is possible to use the regular Windows version client application for Steam version service accounts.

Do I have to buy FFXIV again for PC?

Customers who own a copy of FFXIV for Windows® and wish to use their account on the PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®4 version will need to purchase an additional copy for the desired platform.

Can I link my Ffxiv account to steam?

Unfortunately, the Steam and Windows versions of the game are separate and not compatible.

Is Final Fantasy 14 subscription based?

Final Fantasy 14 Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that uses a subscription model, so once your sub runs out, you’ll need to buy more time to play the MMMORPG.