How do I enter my Mercedes radio code?

How do I enter my Mercedes radio code?

Turn on the radio. The word CODE appears on the display with the letter “C” flashing. Enter the first digit of the radio’s anti-theft code as it appears on the code card. The word CODE will disappear and the first number that you have entered will be displayed, followed by four dashes, e.g. 1 – – – -.

How do I reset my e320 radio?

How to do a soft reset of the COMAND / NAV Radio System

  1. Locate the fuse box on the side of the dash on driver’s side.
  2. Remove the fuse box cover.
  3. Locate fuse 26 and 28. Remove both fuses.
  4. Locate the fuse box on the rear.
  5. Remove the key from the ignition and let the car stay off for at least 15 min.

Where is the Eurovox radio code?

How can I obtain my security code? Download the Security Code Request form located in the Service & Support section. Fill it out and send it in via fax or email with proof and payment. The serial number and model number of the piece of Eurovox equipment is essential.

How do I reset my Eurovox radio code?

If incorrect codes are entered for more than 3 times, your Eurovox overhead DVD/Screen unit will show “Code Input Error” on the display. Leave car key in the car and turn it to Accessories for approximated 1 hour, the overhead DVD/Screen unit will reset itself and shows”Security Input 1***” on the display.

Where in the owner’s manual is the radio code?

Find your owner’s manual and look for the Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card. In the lower right corner, you will see two groups of numbers. The top group (which should be shorter and in bold) is your code. The serial number is the one at the bottom.

How do I enter the code on my car radio?

Turn your vehicle and car radio on. The word “Code” or “Locked” may appear. Enter your serial code using the numbered stereo buttons. For example, if your code is 24367, enter the numbers “2-4-3-6-7” using the numbered buttons on your stereo system or touch screen.