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How do I find my old mat score?

How do I find my old mat score?

Step-1: Log on to AIMA official website on MAT Results Date. Step-2: Enter your 6 digits Registration Form Number and 9 digits Roll No & Submit on MAT 2021 score card download link. Step-3: Your MAT exam Result with MAT 2021 score card is displayed on the screen.

What is the validity of MAT score?

one year
MAT score is valid for one year. More than 600 B-schools across India accept MAT score for their admission process.

Which month MAT exam is best?

A. MAT score acceptability is through out the year. However, the May, December, February exams are the best as the most good B-schools are open with their admission process and accept MAT exam scores.

Is 400 a good score in MAT?

A: A composite score above 400 is considered as a good score in MAT. Score of the candidate displayed in the scorecard can range between 199 to 801.

Do IIMs accept MAT score?

However, MAT is not valid for admission to IIMs and most of the top ranked MBA colleges in India. Nonetheless, MAT is accepted by over 700 popular private B-schools in India.

Is GK counted in MAT?

Since the GK section in MAT exam is not counted for score calculation, many candidates skipped or attempted very few questions in Indian and Global Environment section and utilized this time to attempt the questions in other sections.

Is MAT good for MBA?

MAT scores are accepted by over 700 MBA colleges in India. Given below is the list of colleges accepting MAT score for admission to their MBA programmes. Try this CAT Mock Test, Powered by IMS, to assess your preparation level and time-management skill.

Is 95 percentile good in MAT?

Top B-schools accepting MAT scores and their Expected cut-offs….Top B-schools MAT cut-offs.

B-school name Expected cut off
PUMBA- Pune (based on 2014-16 process) MAT: 95 percentile
AIMS Institute, Bangalore MAT score: 500+
Alliance Bangalore MAT: 90 percentile
Amity, Noida Non Sponsored candidates: MAT score 650,

Does any IIM accept MAT score?

However, MAT is not valid for admission to IIMs and most of the top ranked MBA colleges in India. Nonetheless, MAT is accepted by over 700 popular private B-schools in India….CAT vs MAT Exam: Key Differences.

Parameters CAT exam MAT exam
Conducting body IIM AIMA
Conducted in India India

Is 85 percentile good in MAT?

Q: What is a good MAT score for admission? A: Composite Score of 400 and above is considered a good MAT score. Most of the MBA colleges accepting MAT select students having MAT score in the range of 80 percentile to 99 percentile.

Is 70 percentile good in MAT?

By qualifying this exam, students can get into any top B-schools offering best placements in India. Many of the top management institutes in India accept 90 percentile or more, however, there are many other good MBA colleges which accept 70-80 percentile in MAT.

Where to check mat result in December 2020?

AIMA MAT 2020 Result – All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi, has released the result for the December session online at Candidates can download their scorecard by entering their registration number and roll number.

When is the result of Aima mat 2018?

The result for MAT 2018 has been announced for Phase-1 paper-based test which was held on December 9 and Phase-2 paper-based MAT along with the Computer based MAT exam which were held on December 15. The candidates can check the complete schedule for issuance of AIMA MAT 2018 Result for Dec exam from the table below.

How is MAT test conducted at national level?

MAT is conducted at national level. The test is a pen – paper based test as well as computer based test. It is an objective type test wherein, candidates have to answer the questions related to language comprehension, mathematical skills, data analysis and sufficiency, intelligence and critical reasoning etc.

What is mat for past 12 month sales?

For Example, Feb 2014 to Jan 2015 sales are called MAT Feb 2015 sales. MAT is for the past 12 month sales, comparing two points MAT data evens out the fluctuations. Related Topic: What is CAGR? What is the importance?