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How do I find the most recent files in UNIX?

How do I find the most recent files in UNIX?

Get most recent file in a directory on Linux

  1. watch -n1 ‘ls -Art | tail -n 1’ – shows the very last files – user285594 Jul 5 ’12 at 19:52.
  2. Most answers here parse the output of ls or use find without -print0 which is problematic for handling annoying file-names.

How do I list most recent files in Linux?

How do I find the latest files in a directory?

  1. find . -type f -exec stat -c ‘%X %n’ * : prints the last access’ time followed by the file’s path for each file in the current directory hierarchy;
  2. find .
  3. sort -nr : sorts in an inverse numerical order;
  4. awk ‘NR==1,NR==3 {print $2}’ : prints the second field of the first, second and third line.

How do I get a list of files in UNIX?

List the files in a directory in Unix

  1. You can limit the files that are described by using fragments of filenames and wildcards.
  2. If you would like to list files in another directory, use the ls command along with the path to the directory.
  3. Several options control the way in which the information you get is displayed.

Where are last 10 files Linux?

Use “-mtime n” command to return a list of files that were last modified “n” hours ago. See the format below for a better understanding. -mtime +10: This will find all files that were modified 10 days ago. -mtime -10: It will find all files that were modified in the last 10 days.

Is Linux a Flavour of Unix?

Although based on the same core set of unix commands, different flavors can have their own unique commands and features, and are designed to work with different types of h/w. Linux is often considered a unix flavor.

How do I grep the latest file?

How it works:

  1. find /var/log/folder -type f -printf ‘%[email protected] %p\0’ This looks for files and prints their modification time (seconds) followed by a space and their name followed by a nul character.
  2. sort -rz. This sorts the null-separated data.
  3. sed -Ezn ‘1s/[^ ]* //p’
  4. xargs –null grep string.

How do I create a list of files in Linux?

The easiest way to create a new file in Linux is by using the touch command. The ls command lists the contents of the current directory. Since no other directory was specified, the touch command created the file in the current directory.

How do I list the first 10 files in UNIX?

Type the following head command to display first 10 lines of a file named “bar.txt”:

  1. head -10 bar.txt.
  2. head -20 bar.txt.
  3. sed -n 1,10p /etc/group.
  4. sed -n 1,20p /etc/group.
  5. awk ‘FNR <= 10’ /etc/passwd.
  6. awk ‘FNR <= 20’ /etc/passwd.
  7. perl -ne’1..10 and print’ /etc/passwd.
  8. perl -ne’1..20 and print’ /etc/passwd.