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How do I fix the DirectX error on Battlefield 3?

How do I fix the DirectX error on Battlefield 3?

Make sure you have all the latest drivers installed. Also, check your heat sink and clean it if there are too much dust. Close uncesassy background programs and remove files that you don’t use to clear up space. Try to go to the Origin’s games -> Battlefield 3 -> Installer -> Directx -> Redist, then run dxsetup.

How do I fix DirectX error creation?

How to fix DirectX device creation failed error

  1. Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.
  2. Roll back your graphics card driver.
  3. Update your graphics card driver.

How do I fix error 0X887a0004?

TV & Film app missing codec 0X887a0004 error

  1. Install the latest Windows updates.
  2. Reset or Uninstall Movies and TV app.
  3. Check if you have HEVC Video Extension installed on your PC.
  4. Use System File Checker to check and fix corrupted system files which may be the cause of the issue.

When did Battlefield 3 release?

October 25, 2011
Battlefield 3/Initial release dates
Battlefield 3 is launching this fall, on October 25th. The battle rages on, and this installment promises to deliver the most epic, realistic, intense combat experience to date.

What does missing codec mean?

What does missing codec mean? This issue usually appears if a codec that is required to play certain files is not installed on the PC.

What is codec 0xc00d5212?

Why Does Error Code 0xc00d5212 occur? The error 0xc00d5212 could occur due to: A corrupt codec that restricts the deployed media player to play the video file. Old display adapters that result in the video playback error. An incompatible file format that isn’t supported in the media player.

Why is Battlefield 3 not working?

If your game files are corrupted, Battlefield 3 might crash during playing, or it might not start at all. You can as well try to repair the game, by doing the following: Origin Client > Right-Click Battlefield 3 > Click Repair and Origin will re-download and re-install the game with new patches and updates.

Why does Battlefield 3 Open a Web browser?

User Info: WriterJason. The web browser is DICE’s mistake and has zero to do with Origin. Stp looking for a way to blame something on Origin. It’s part of the game design, and it’s one of the most confusing and terrible things DICE could have ever done.