How do I get a green E-ZPass NY or NJ?

How do I get a green E-ZPass NY or NJ?

Apply in person at an E-ZPass New Jersey Customer Service Center, or. Enroll over the phone by calling 1-888-AUTO-TOLL (888 288-6865).

How much is the senior discount for NJ E-ZPass?

ENROLLED SENIOR DRIVERS SAVE 50%! The DRPA offers a discount to senior drivers, 65 years of age and older, who have an active NJ E-ZPass account. Enrolled senior drivers using E-ZPass pay a discounted toll of $2.50 which is 50% of the current passenger vehicle toll.

What is the difference between NY and NJ E-ZPass?

The New York Thruway Authority gives an automatic 5% discount to drivers with an E-ZPass issued by the state. The difference for E-ZPass holders from other states isn’t substantial. A driver crossing The Gov. New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway charges all E-ZPass holders the same rates.

Does NJ E-ZPass charge a monthly fee?

All New Jersey E-ZPass customers are charged a separate $1 monthly service fee and another $1 for bi-monthly statements, which are billed every other month. The $1 monthly service charge was instituted in July 2002,” said Thomas Feeney, an NJ Turnpike Authority spokesman.

How does E-ZPass work in NJ?

Instead of the inconvenience of coins and tickets, E-ZPass allows you to pay tolls electronically as you pass through specially equipped toll lanes. You can establish a prepaid E-ZPass account using your credit card, personal check, or cash. The appropriate toll is then electronically debited from your prepaid account.

How much does E-ZPass cost in NJ?

New Jersey’s E-ZPass system charges customers $18 in annual fees: $1 monthly service fee and another $1 for bi-monthly statements. New customers must make a refundable $10 deposit per tag if their replenishment method is cash or check. The minimum balance on an account is $25.

Does Walmart sell E-ZPass in NJ?

Walmart includes a one-time convenience charge of $3, and there is a $3 annual fee to use E-ZPass. The GoPak includes a transponder that can be immediately used on toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Pennsylvania and 15 other states including New York and New Jersey.

How does Easy Pass work in NJ?

Your vehicle is equipped with a small electronic device, called a tag or a transponder, which transmits information about your transactions. The transaction data is processed and the appropriate toll is then automatically deducted from your account as you drive through the toll facilities that offer E-ZPass.

What happens when you go through E-ZPass without one NJ?

If you did not have a valid E-ZPass tag in your vehicle, a Toll Bill will be mailed to you for your convenience. The Toll Bill is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, typically within 30 days of the transaction.

What happens if you don’t pay E-ZPass NJ?

If the account is not replenished within this period, a violation notice is issued for the toll plus a $50 or $100 fee per transaction, depending upon the facility, and the customer has 30 days to pay. The fee is automatically waived on first-time notices if the toll is paid by the due date.

How do I avoid E-ZPass fee in NJ?

Drivers can avoid it by opting to get quarterly statements. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey charges its E-ZPass customers a $1 per month service fee. New York State charges E-ZPass customers a $6 annual fee for monthly statements.

How do I get my EZ Pass in NJ?

You can get E-Z Pass by going to a customer service center, calling their E-Z Pass hotline or completing an online application. Go to the E-Z Pass application website ( Select “individual application” if you need an individual account with a maximum of four tags.

What states are covered by EZ Pass?

EZ Pass is a DSRC based electronic tolling system used on toll roads in 14 states in the USA. Toll roads in Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia, share use of the system, which enables interoperability between the roads.

How do you apply for EZ Pass in NJ?

Step 1 Visit the New Jersey E-Z Pass website at: and create an E-Z Pass account. Satisfy the account requirements. Prepare to provide your vehicle and credit card information to apply for an E-Z Pass. Select a plan. Read, review and agree with the terms and conditions.

How to contact EZ Pass NJ?

You can manage your account on the NJ E-ZPass App, on the website at, or by calling the automated phone system at (888) AUTO-TOLL (888-288-6865). You can call the automated phone system at (888) AUTO-TOLL (888-288-6865) to update your account or speak to a customer service representative.