How do I get the key to Vlindrel Hall?

How do I get the key to Vlindrel Hall?

Key to Vlindrel Hall, a home which can be purchased in Markarth. It is received from the Markarth steward. Cannot be dropped.

Where can I buy Vlindrel Hall?

Vlindrel Hall is the house that the player can purchase in Markarth. It can only be purchased once you complete various quests for the Jarl and his Steward.

How do I get the Markarth house?

Vlindrel Hall is a house available for purchase in Markarth. To purchase this home, you must first complete the prerequisite quests for Thane of the Reach. If Igmund is Jarl, you must complete Kill the Forsworn Leader, followed by Dungeon Delving, the latter of which requires you to be at least level 20.

How much does Vlindrel hall cost?

The Dragonborn can purchase Vlindrel Hall from Jarl of Markarth’s steward, Raerek, for 8,000 gold once he/she has earned the title Thane of Markarth. Upgrades may also be purchased from Raerek to furnish the house.

Can you buy the abandoned house in Markarth?

The Abandoned House is a building in Markarth next to Arnleif and Sons Trading Company with a shrine to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. Although abandoned, the house is fully furnished….Skyrim:Abandoned House.

Home: Abandoned House (view on map)
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How do you become Jarl of Markarth?

To become a Thane of Markarth, the Dragonborn needs to kill groups of Forsworn for the Jarl and his steward. They then must retrieve Hrolfdir’s Shield (this quest is only given when at level 20 or higher). The Dragonborn must then help five citizens of Markarth and own Vlindrel Hall to become a Thane.

What is the prettiest house in Skyrim?

Lakeview Manor is the most serene house in Skyrim hands down. Located deep in the forests of Falkreath, this plot of land is known for being a hunter’s paradise. An exclusive bee farm can be built on this property and the player’s house can be fully customizable as with all of the other Hearthfire DLC plots of land.