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How do I get to West Bay Beach Roatan?

How do I get to West Bay Beach Roatan?

Getting to West Bay Beach West Bay Beach is approximately a 30 minute drive from the Roatan International Airport and Port of Roatan cruise ship terminal. Allow about 45 minutes to drive from the Carnival Cruise Ship Terminal (Mahogany Bay). Taxes are available (see taxi fare chart on the Getting Around page).

Can you walk from West Bay to West End Roatan?

Thanks in advance. We took water taxis from West Bay to West End, which were easy and fun. I think it cost about $2. You can walk the whole way without going on the inland roads.

Is West Bay Beach Roatan free?

Head to West Bay, very nice beach with excellent canyon snorkeling right from the shore. If your staying in West End take a cheap water taxi along wth some beer. Yes, it’s free.

Is Roatan 3rd world?

Roatan is in a third world country, and as such, it is not unusual to find cattle, horses, erratic taxi drivers, large trucks, and other unsafe motorists.

Can you walk from West End to West Bay?

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, West Bay Beach is where it’s at. The walk between West End and West Bay is about 30 minutes along the beach or 5 minutes by car or water taxi.

What is the best area to stay in Roatan?

The best places to stay on Roatan are stretched across the north and north western coast. If you are looking for a place to stay that combines beaches, leisure activities and fun nights out then head to West End.

Is West Bay Roatan safe?

Roatan is a long, skinny island. Sandy Bay, West End, and West Bay are the safest parts of the island. Avoid walking alone at night, or even on the beach with your loved one when darkness descends.

What is the best time of year to visit Roatan?

May and September are probably the best months to visit Roatan since the weather is great and the island is not overcrowded with fellow tourists. If you wish to visit the island at the peak of its season, consider booking a ticket during the holidays such as New Years and Christmas.

Can you drink the water in Roatan?

Is the water safe to drink? Tap water is not recommended to drink in Roatan. All good restaurants and hotels will provide purified water or use purified water in food preparation.

How long is West Bay Beach?

At West Bay, crumbling golden cliffs of sand reveal falling sea levels from some 175 million years ago. Here the mighty Chesil Beach – 18 miles long, born from landslides that eroded after the last ice age around 20,000 years ago – finds its western end.

Is Roatan expensive to visit?

A vacation to Roatan for one week usually costs around L5,296 for one person. So, a trip to Roatan for two people costs around L10,591 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs L21,182 in Roatan.