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How do I insert a drill down in Excel?

How do I insert a drill down in Excel?

To enable drill-down, collapse the matrix. From the Design tab > Show Levels > Enable Drill Down One Level at a Time. Double click a top-level hierarchy field.

How do I create a drill down pie chart in Excel?

Create a drill-down pie chart

  1. Double-click one of the pie colors.
  2. The colors of the pie chart now show the percentages of the second field, filtered for the pie color you double-clicked.
  3. To go back up, click the arrow in the upper corner of the pie chart, next to the filter icon.

What is drill down feature in Excel?

Double-click a pivot table value, to create a new sheet with the records used in that total. That is Excel’s DrillDown (Show Details) feature. Use macros to name the sheets, and ask if you want to delete them when closing the workbook.

What is a valid Excel formula?

Excel formula types Formulas that you create in your Excel spreadsheets can be simple or complex: Simple Excel formulas perform just one mathematical operation, for example =10*5 or =SUM(A1:A10) Complex (advanced) Excel formulas include more than one calculation, for example =10*5+20 or =SUM(A1:A10)/2.

How do you expand and collapse in Excel?

Double-click the item that you want to expand or collapse. Right-click the item, click Expand/Collapse, and then do one of the following: To see the details for the current item, click Expand. To hide the details for the current item, click Collapse.

How do I check if data is valid in Excel?

Find cells that have data validation rules

  1. On the Edit menu, point to Find, and then click Go To.
  2. Click Special.
  3. Select Data Validation.
  4. To find all cells with data validation, select All, and then click OK. To find cells that have the same validation rules as another cell, select Same, and then click OK.

What is another word for drill down?

What is another word for drill down?

scrutiniseUK scrutinizeUS
give the eagle eye keep an eye on
peer at glimpse
have a look-see run your eye over
take a gander sight

What does ‘$’ mean in Excel formula?

Excel absolute cell reference (with $ sign) An absolute reference in Excel is a cell address with the dollar sign ($) in the row or column coordinates, like $A$1. The dollar sign fixes the reference to a given cell, so that it remains unchanged no matter where the formula moves.