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How do I insert a horizontal line in Word 2007?

How do I insert a horizontal line in Word 2007?

Begin by clicking on the Page Layout tab and select Page Borders. Then click on Horizontal Line. Scroll through the list and select a type of horizontal line. When finished, click on OK.

How do you insert lines in Microsoft Word?

Insert a line

  1. On the Insert tab, select Shapes.
  2. Under Lines, select any line style you like.
  3. Select a location in the document, hold and drag your pointer to a different location, and then release the mouse button.

How do you insert a horizontal line in Microsoft Word?

How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Word

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert a line.
  2. Go to the Home tab. …
  3. In the Paragraph group, select the Borders drop-down arrow and choose Horizontal Line.
  4. To change the look of the line, double-click the line in the document.

How do I insert rows and columns in Word?

Add a row or column

  1. Click where you want in your table to add a row or column and then click the Layout tab (this is the tab next to the Table Design tab on the ribbon).
  2. To add rows, click Insert Above or Insert Below and to add columns, click Insert Left or Insert Right.

How do I make vertical lines in Word?

To add a vertical line, see the methods below: Method 1: Keyboard shortcut. Press and hold the Shift key, then press the Backslash key. Method 2: ASCII code shortcut.

How do I make 3 lines in Word?

Use the Shapes Menu to Insert a Line in Word

  1. Place the cursor in the spot where you want to insert a line.
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. In the Illustrations group, select the Shapes drop-down arrow.
  4. In the Lines group, choose a line shape.
  5. In the Word document, drag across the location where you want the line to appear.

How do I add columns in Word 2020?

To create columns in Word, place your cursor where you want the columns to start. Alternatively, you can select the text to separate into columns. Then click the “Layout” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Columns” drop-down button.

How do you type two vertical lines?

Shift-\ (“backslash”). German keyboard it is on the left together with < and > and the Alt Gr modifier key must be pressed to get the pipe. Note that depending on the font used, this vertical bar can be displayed as a consecutive line or by a line with a small gap in the middle.

How do you join two lines in Word?

Under Lines, right-click the line or connector that you want to add, and then click Lock Drawing Mode. Click where you want to start the line or connector, and then drag the cursor to where you want the line or connector to end. Repeat step 3 for each line or connector you want to add.

How do I create a number line in Microsoft Word?

To add line numbers in Word, first click the “Layout” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Line Numbers” drop-down button in the “Page Setup” button group to display a list of options. There are five preset options in this menu and a “Line Numbering Options” command.

How do you insert multiple lines in word?

You can tab lines, draw lines, or insert border lines across a Microsoft Word document page. If the intent is to type on the lines, use border lines to place multiple lines on a Word document. Click the “Format” button, then “Borders and Shading” on the Standard Toolbar. In the “Borders and Shading” window, click the “Border” tab.

How can I insert a division line in Microsoft Word?

Create an Equation Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft Click the Equation icon on the Insert tab to start a new equation.

  • key for division.
  • Add a Division Symbol
  • How do you insert line break in Microsoft Word?

    Steps to insert line break in MS WORD Open File Go File. Click on open and browse to file you want to use for inserting line break. Place cursor where line break is required Go to end of line where you want to insert line break. Insert line break Insert line break by pressing SHIFT+ Enter keys together.