How do I install Carbonite on my computer?

How do I install Carbonite on my computer?

Step 1: Install Carbonite Safe from Your Account

  1. From the Computer options dropdown menu, select Move my Subscription.
  2. Choose Move my subscription and transfer my files and click Continue to Download.
  3. On the next page, click Download now.
  4. Open the downloaded Carbonite setup file.

How do I reinstall Carbonite on my Mac?

First, sign into your Carbonite account at https://account.carbonite.com. Once signed in, select Computer options and click Reinstall Carbonite for the backup you wish to reinstall on this computer. Click the Download now button to download the Carbonite setup file. Run the file when the download completes.

How do I restore Carbonite to a new computer?

If you’re on a new or repaired computer, sign into your Carbonite account at https:/account.carbonite.com and click Get files back for the backup you wish to restore. After you run the setup file, the Carbonite application will walk you through the full restore process.

How long does it take to install Carbonite?

Carbonite can restore files as fast as your internet and computer allows. However, full restores can range from a few hours to a few days to complete. The time to restore files depends on Carbonite’s encryption, the size of the backup, the internet connection, and the performance of the computer.

How do I set up Carbonite backup?

Click the Settings & controls link to edit your Online Backup settings. In the Schedule panel, choose and configure the schedule option you prefer, then click Save settings. The following options are available in the Schedule panel: Back up continuously (Recommended) – Carbonite will run continually in the background.

Why is my Carbonite not backing up?

If your backup is not progressing normally, restart your computer. If your backup doesn’t resume after restarting the computer, you can uninstall and reinstall Carbonite to refresh its connection to our servers.

Does Carbonite slow down your Mac?

Carbonite is designed to operate in the background so it will not slow down your computer while you are actively using it. Your computer must be powered on and connected to the Internet for backups and restores to take place.

How long does Carbonite keep my files?

Carbonite keeps your backed up data on our servers for a limited time after uninstalling it from your computer in case you decide to continue with your coverage. Depending on your Carbonite plan, Carbonite will permanently remove your backed up data after 30 or 60 days.

Does Carbonite backup operating system?

With Carbonite, you can also add files and folders located on your local external hard drive to your backup. Backing Up Files on an External Hard Drive on a Windows Operating System.

Does Carbonite slow down my computer?

1 cause for a slow computer is an infestation of adware/spyware. But once it’s done then Carbonite only backs up new or changed files and generally doesn’t slow down a computer.

How often does Carbonite backup files?

The only files Carbonite keeps on your computer are the files that run the backup program. Carbonite backs up entire files one time. After the first full backup of a file, only the changes to that file will be uploaded. When a file is changed, Carbonite backs up the change within 24 hours.

How do I know if Carbonite is working?

Open the Carbonite application by double-clicking the Carbonite icon on your desktop or start menu:

  1. The Status page will be displayed by default.
  2. Your backup status will be displayed on this page (backing up, up-to-date, etc.)
  3. A progress bar will only be displayed during your initial backup.