How do I look up a horse brand?

How do I look up a horse brand?

If you think a horse came from a different area you can contact the brand inspection board for the state that you are interested in. The brand department is usually under the jurisdiction of the state’s department of agriculture. These professionals have the records to check to find out who owns the brand in question.

How much does it cost to register a brand in Arizona?

Pay for registration Trademarks are $15. Companies do not have to pay anything if the State rejects their trademark. You may pay online via debit or credit card. You can also pay by money order or check to the Arizona Secretary of State, mailed with a copy of the application.

How do you register a brand in AZ?

To apply for a brand, please complete the brand/amendment application . You may design and submit no more than five (5) unique designs per application. The Department of Agriculture staff will not alter the designs submitted. Please include a telephone number and email address, if applicable, where you can be reached.

How do I get a brand for my cattle?

Go to your state’s brand registration office and ask to see the listing of already registered brands. This will give you some ideas, as well as show you what’s no longer available. The brand registration officer will help you in the design process. Choose letters, numbers or symbols to create your brand.

How do I start my own cattle brand?

Does Arizona require a brand inspection?

Field Inspections The Livestock Services field staff are required to inspect livestock (except equine) for health, marks, and brands before they are slaughtered, sold, purchased, driven, transported, shipped, or conveyed. Inspections are required for ownership, control and regulation of livestock by law and rule .

How long does it take for a cattle brand to heal?

In summary, brand wounds take at least 8 wk to heal. These wounds remain painful for a least this long, and a single injection of NSAID has no measurable effect in mitigating pain associated with branding, even in days immediately after the procedure.