How do I print a long in C?

How do I print a long in C?

%Lf format specifier for long double %lf and %Lf plays different role in printf. So, we should use %Lf format specifier for printing a long double value.

How do I print a long printf?

7 Answers. Put an l (lowercased letter L) directly before the specifier. printf(“%ld”, ULONG_MAX) outputs the value as -1. Should be printf(“%lu”, ULONG_MAX) for unsigned long as described by @Blorgbeard below.

What is the placeholder for long in C?

Format specifiers in C

Format Specifier Type
%lf Double
%Lf Long double
%lu Unsigned int or unsigned long
%lli or %lld Long long

How do I print unsigned long?

How to printf “unsigned long” in C?

  1. printf(“%lu\n”, unsigned_foo)
  2. printf(“%du\n”, unsigned_foo)
  3. printf(“%ud\n”, unsigned_foo)
  4. printf(“%ll\n”, unsigned_foo)
  5. printf(“%ld\n”, unsigned_foo)
  6. printf(“%dl\n”, unsigned_foo)

How do you declare a long int?

  1. “long long int” is best suitable. scanf(“%lld”,&input);
  2. U can also use “unsigned long long int” if input is +ve always. scanf(“%llu”,&input);

What is %f %S and C?

The first argument to printf is a string of identifiers. %s refers to a string %d refers to an integer %c refers to a character. Therefore: %s%d%s%c\n prints the string “The first character in sting “, %d prints i, %s prints ” is “, and %c prints str[0].

What is unsigned long in C?

Unsigned long variables are extended size variables for number storage, and store 32 bits (4 bytes). Unlike standard longs unsigned longs won’t store negative numbers, making their range from 0 to 4,294,967,295 (2^32 – 1).

What does %d mean in C?

Format Specifiers in C

Specifier Used For
%Lf long double
%n prints nothing
%d a decimal integer (assumes base 10)
%i a decimal integer (detects the base automatically)

What is used for long int in C?

3 Answers. You must use %ld to print a long int , and %lld to print a long long int . Note that only long long int is guaranteed to be large enough to store the result of that calculation (or, indeed, the input values you’re using).