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How do I qualify for Medicaid spend down?

How do I qualify for Medicaid spend down?

Some of these people may qualify for Medicaid if they spend the excess income on medical bills. This is called a spend down. For example, a person over 65 is denied Medicaid because her monthly income is $50 more than the limit for Medicaid eligibility.

What is Medicaid with a Spenddown?

A Medicaid spend down is a financial strategy used when an individual’s income is too high to qualify for Medicaid. To be accepted into the program, some of the individual’s income must be spent down to ensure his or her income is low enough to qualify for Medicaid.

Can you own stocks and still qualify for Medicaid?

A single applicant who is 65 or older can possess up to $2,000 in cash, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and other liquid assets. Asset limits for married couples vary by state, Medicaid program and whether one or both spouses are applying for Medicaid.

What qualifies for SSI spend down?

Here are some suggestions for what an individual could buy to spend down a lump sum: Buying a home or paying off a mortgage, if the SSI recipient is on the title or has a lifetime agreement to be a tenant of the home. Buying a car or paying off a car, if the SSI recipient is on the title.

Does Medicare check bank accounts?

Medicare plans and people who represent them can’t do any of these things: Ask for your Social Security Number, bank account number, or credit card information unless it’s needed to verify membership, determine enrollment eligibility, or process an enrollment request.

What is the look back period for Medicaid?

This five-year period is known as the “look-back period.” The state Medicaid agency then determines whether the Medicaid applicant transferred any assets for less than fair market value during this period.

How much money can you have in the bank on SSI?

It means that a person’s “resources,” or assets, are taken into consideration. Currently, to receive SSI (after being determined to be medically disabled according to the SSA’s rules), an individual cannot have more than $2,000 in countable assets.

Will I lose my SSI if I inherit money?

In general, inheritance money will only have an effect if you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but will not if you are receiving Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI). If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then you likely will have your benefits cut or potentially eliminated.

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