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How do I retrieve old messages from Yahoo Messenger?

How do I retrieve old messages from Yahoo Messenger?

You can also view your Messenger conversation history in Yahoo Mail by clicking the “Messenger” icon to open a pop-up window. From the “Status” menu, select “Conversation History” to access your chat logs.

Does Yahoo have an instant messenger?

Yahoo! Messenger for the Web allows you to exchange instant messages with your online friends. You can now access and search your message history from any computer — just like email. Whether or not you use this feature, your IM friends can also use it to save conversations together into their Yahoo! accounts.

How do I find my Yahoo Messenger contact list?

Attempt to log into your Yahoo Messenger using the username and password that you associate with the old contact list you are trying to find. If you can log in, you will be able to see the list. If you cannot log in, you will need to contact Yahoo customer service to find the old list.

Why are Yahoo chat rooms closed?

Yahoo has announced plans to permanently axe the public chat rooms feature of its messaging tool. The chat-rooms tool came under fire in 2005, with advertisers pulling ads after reports of illegal under-age sex-themed rooms. Yahoo said the feature was closing because it was not “adding enough value” for users.

How do you start Yahoo Messenger?

How to Open Yahoo Messenger Open your web-browser and navigate to Yahoo Messenger site. Click “Use Messenger on Web” to open the online Yahoo Messenger page. Enter your Yahoo ID and password into the Yahoo Messenger for the web login window. You are allowed to use Yahoo email or phone number to See More….

Does Yahoo still have messenger?

Yahoo launched its new version of Yahoo Messenger in December 2015 and phased out the original app in August 2016. Even with an updated look, modern design, and many new features, Yahoo Messenger has failed to make a mark due to the rise of other mobile-based messaging platforms.

How do you chat on Yahoo Messenger?

With Yahoo! Messenger, you can chat with your buddies all around the world for free. Open Yahoo! Messenger and log in to your account. Locate your buddy’s name on your Yahoo! Messenger contact list and right-click on it. Select “Start Video Call” from the drop-down menu that appears. Wait for Yahoo! Messenger to call your buddy’s computer.

Do people still use Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger, the pioneering messaging app that changed the way users communicated over the Internet, is now officially dead . To recall, California-based company Yahoo announced last month that it would be killing off Yahoo Messenger. Users can now no longer access chats in-app, and the service will no longer work.