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How do I send a meter reading to MGL?

How do I send a meter reading to MGL?

SMS Space<5 digits (in black)> to 9223555557. Login and give your meter reading.

How is MGL reading calculated?

To avoid ESTIMATED Bill, you can render help as follows:

  1. (a) Remember your billing date.
  2. (b) At least 4 days prior to the billing date, give Actual Meter Reading (the digits under black portion on the meter) to MGL through: 0 8 5 3 2 X X X Ignore the figure to the right of the comma.

How do I find my MGL BP number?

MNGL Customer Care -Toll Free Number and Email

  1. Toll Free Number: 180-02662696.
  2. Emergency Number: 9011 676767.
  3. Email : [email protected], [email protected]
  4. Address for sending queries: Sr No-28/2, Ground Floor, Office No-1, Zenith Plaza, K.M. Gandhi Path ,Near cloudline hospital, Shivaji Nagar,Pune-411005.
  5. Uses of BP Number.

What is BP number in Mahanagar Gas bill?

Business Partner
What is BP number in Mahanagar Gas bill? BP means Business Partner. It is the number that is mentioned on your Mahanagar gas bill and that is how your operator identifies you as their customer.

How do I record my gas meter reading?

You should record the number shown on each dial (from left to right) but exclude any red dials. When the arrow is between two numbers be sure to record the lower of the two, except when the pointer is between nine and zero; in this case, use the number nine.

What numbers do I submit for gas reading?

Read all the dials from left to right, but ignore the large dial or any red dials. If the pointer is between two numbers, write down the lower number. If the pointer is between zero and nine, use nine. This is the case on the first and fourth dial on the diagram shown.

How do I calculate kWh from my meter reading?

To do so, first find your last month’s electricity bill to see the reported reading. You’ll then subtract last month’s reading from your current reading. The result is the total amount of kWh you’ve used since your last meter reading.

How do I calculate kWh of gas?

How do I convert gas units to kWh?

  1. Take a meter reading, and then subtract the new meter reading from the previous reading to work out the volume of gas used.
  2. Convert from imperial to metric by multiplying the units by 2.83.
  3. Multiply by volume correction factor (1.02264)
  4. Multiply by calorific value (40.0)

How do I find my gas meter number?

On your gas meter – If you look at your actual gas meter, the MPRN should be printed onto the front of it. On a gas bill – If you’re changing suppliers or need your MPRN number in your existing home, you’ll be able to find it on the top of a utility bill.

How do I generate a Mngl bill?

The meter reader (MNGL authorized agency’s person) carrying a valid ID card would come to your home once in 2 months or The consumer can also call up the customer care (1800-266-2696) and communicate the meter reading or In absence of the actual meter reading, average/assessed bills will be generated.

How do I calculate my gas bill?

How to work it out

  1. Take away your last reading from your current reading. This is how many units you’ve used.
  2. If you’ve got a metric meter (m3), you can ignore this step.
  3. Multiply this number by the calorific value.
  4. Multiply this number by 1.02264.
  5. Divide this number by 3.6.
  6. Multiply this number by the price-per-kWh.

How do I read my gas meter A and B buttons?

If your meter has A and B buttons under the screen

  1. press the A button.
  2. press the A button again until you see ‘METER INDEX’ and numbers followed by ‘M3’
  3. write down the number from left to right.
  4. ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

How much gas does Mahanagar Gas use per day?

If a customer has not received three actual bills, a standard average of 0.50 SCM per day is used while calculating the gas consumption for the number of days between two billing cycles. Can the Actual reading be communicated by a customer?

What to do if gas bill is not received from Mahanagar Gas?

In case gas bill for the said period has not been received by the customer, our Customer Care dept. may be contacted on 68674500 / 61564500 or an e mail be sent to [email protected] A duplicate bill will be provided. What should be done in case customer is not being billed as yet for gas consumption?

Where to drop cheque in Mahanagar Gas Station?

Drop a cheque or demand draft at any of the convenient locations identified with the following agencies/ banks. (Click on each to view the location of drop boxes) Oriental Bank of Commerce. (Cash payments can be made. Please ensure that a receipt is issued before leaving the counter)

How do you read the numbers on an electric meter?

The speed of the revolutions depends on the amount of current drawn — the more power consumed at any one instant, the faster the gears will rotate. When reading an electric meter, read and write down the numbers as shown on the dials from right to left.