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How do I stop Outlook synchronization logs?

How do I stop Outlook synchronization logs?

How to Remove Multiple Synchronization Log Emails in Outlook

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to “Search Folders” on the left column.
  3. Right click on the Unread Mail folder and choose Customize This Search Folder….
  4. Click Browse.
  5. Unselect the checkbox for your Mailbox (the top level mailbox folder).

Why did Outlook send me a synchronization log?

The synchronization issues folders contain logs and items that Microsoft Outlook has been unable to synchronize with your email or SharePoint servers. Having messages in these folders is a normal function of Outlook as they are error checking mechanisms that the program uses to sync your email to email services.

How do I fix Outlook 2016 synchronization?

To fix this, you will have to create a new OST file and try to re-synchronize all the folders. For this, you have to first rename the old OST file, create a new one and then synchronize the new . pst file with the Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox. By doing this, your Outlook sync issues will be fixed.

How do I fix synchronization log?

This folder contains logs about all issues in synchronization of the local cache file (….Modification Resolution

  1. In Windows click Start > Run and type in regedit.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Office00.0\Outlook\Options.
  3. Create DWORD value EnableConflictLogging.
  4. Modify the value data:

How do I turn off sync issues in Outlook 2016?

Disable Cached Exchange

  1. Open the mail client.
  2. Access the settings for your account.
  3. Choose the Exchange email account.
  4. Hit the Change button to summon a new window.
  5. Go to the settings for offline use.
  6. Remove the tick to prohibit the cached exchange mode or leave it and adjust the setting.
  7. Click Next and Finish.

What does synchronizing hierarchy mean in Outlook?

“Synchronizing folders” is the generic term for when Outlook is sending and receiving messages and when (if your mail account type supports it) uploads changes to the mail server. Under certain circumstances this process can “hang” and indeed cause your computer to slow down quite a bit.

How do I fix synchronization error in Outlook?

Follow these steps in Outlook:

  1. Right-click an offline folder, and select Properties.
  2. Select the Synchronization tab. If you don’t see the Synchronization tab, this indicates that you didn’t set up your profile to use offline folders.
  3. Under Statistics for this folder, verify the settings in the following fields:

How do I fix Outlook not syncing?

Fix email sync issues

  1. Check your Junk Email folder.
  2. Clean out your inbox.
  3. Check your inbox filter and sort settings.
  4. Check the Other tab.
  5. Check your Blocked senders and Safe senders lists.
  6. Check your email rules.
  7. Check email forwarding.
  8. Check if your account is blocked.

How do I fix Outlook sync issues?

How do I stop Outlook 2016 from synchronizing folders?

What is Outlook 2016 cached Exchange mode?

Cached Exchange Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account. In this mode, a copy of your mailbox is saved on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data, and it is frequently updated with the server that runs Microsoft Exchange.