How do I toggle not enough items?

How do I toggle not enough items?

Using the “R” Key or Selecting an item in Recipe mode will sort your inventory and show the recipe at the same time. “U” Key – Shows the recipes that the selected block or item is used in. “O” Key – Enables and disables the NEI interface.

How do I fix not enough items not working?

Open your inventory then press the “o” key. There’s a bug with the current version of NEI that makes it so that it won’t show up, but this will probably be fixed soon, such as in the next update. Open your inventory then press the “o” key.

Is not Enough items client-side?

Basically, any mod which changes your perspective without changing the mechanics of the world around you is going to be client-side, generally. So mods like REI’s Minimap or Optifine are client-side. NEI is a special deal because it can be configured server-side to prohibit non-admins from accessing Cheat Mode.

Can a custom domain be added to a landerbolt account?

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Where can I download not enough items for free?

Now you can download Not Enough Items 1.12.2/1.11.2 for free here and enjoy this great mod right now.

What does not enough items do in Minecraft?

Not Enough Items (or NEI for short) is a core utility mod and a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It appears in-game whenever the Players Inventory or other GUI that contains an inventory is opened, and allows a Player to view crafting recipes and usages of the majority of the items in the FTB Modpacks.