How do I use Mixlr on Mac?

How do I use Mixlr on Mac?

Redirect your desktop audio to Mixlr On Mac you can do this by holding down the Option key and clicking the Sound icon, then selecting ‘Mixlr AudioLink’ as the output device. On Windows 10 you can do this by clicking the Sound icon and then clicking the upwards arrow that appears in the top right.

How do you start a Mixlr?

Starting a broadcast on the Mixlr desktop app is simple. Just click the red ‘Start’ button and you’re live on Mixlr! To stop your broadcast at any time just click the red button again. If you’re unable to start a broadcast click here.

Can you use Spotify with Mixlr?

Spotify is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio onl…

How do I stream on Mixlr?

Choose the Broadcast option from the home screen After you have logged in you’ll see the Mixlr home screen again. Here you’ll find two options: Broadcast and Listen. Tap ‘Broadcast’ to continue.

What does the signs on Mixlr mean?

Mixlr on Twitter: “Hi John – the first symbol is the number of people currently on your livepage (listening to or waiting for your broadcast); the second is the number of ‘hearts’ you’ve received for the broadcast; and the third is your total all-time listen count.

How do you chat on Mixlr?

Listen and interact Once you’ve chosen a broadcast you’ll be directed to the broadcaster’s livepage. Here you can listen, follow the broadcaster, and join the chat. To join the chat, tap the speech bubble circled below. Click here to find out how to start your own broadcasts using the Android app.

How do you get followers on Mixlr?

Grow your audience on Mixlr

  1. Advertise and promote your broadcasts. Use Facebook, Twitter, your own website, your blog and any other social media and online avenues you have to advertise and promote broadcasts before and during the broadcast.
  2. Engage with your listeners.
  3. Encourage listeners to follow you.
  4. Broadcast regularly.

How do I stream music to Mixlr?

The Mixlr playlist is the third channel in the Mixlr desktop app. To add your audio files to the playlist click the ‘ADD SOUNDS’ button in the bottom left of the app. This will bring up a file explorer. Navigate to your audio file and select it to add it to your playlist.

How do I stream live on Mixlr?

Use Mixlr to take your audio content live now Choose a personalized page on or use your existing website. Simply plug your audio into a Mixlr app and broadcast directly to your chosen page. Invite people to tune in and chat.

How do you play music on Mixlr?