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How do steam pumps work?

How do steam pumps work?

The steam enters at one side of the steam cylinder through the slide valve and pushes the piston towards the opposite side. As the piston reaches the end of the stroke, the slide valve reverses the steam flow, which reverses the piston movement.

What is the work of feed pump?

Function of feed pump in a boiler feed system / steam turbines. The feed pump raises the feedwater to a pressure high enough for it to enter the boiler. This is a multi-stage centrifugal pump driven by a constant speed electric motor. The number of stages is determined by the feed quantity and discharge pressure.

Which pump is used in steam power plant?

A boiler feedwater pump is a specific type of pump used to pump feedwater into a steam boiler. The water may be freshly supplied or returning condensate produced as a result of the condensation of the steam produced by the boiler.

Which pump used in boiler to feed water?

There are two types of pumps that are most often used for boiler feed water applications: stamped stainless steel vertical multistage inline pumps and multistage horizontal ring section pumps.

How efficient is a steam engine?

As the steam cools, it’s recycled back into the system and reheated. By zealously reusing every possible bit of heat, steam engines can convert up to 46 percent of incoming energy into torque. Most gas-powered internal combustion engines, in contrast, are only about 25 percent efficient.

What are the main parts of the feed pump?

Parts of Boiler Feed Pump

  • 1 ) Casing. A casing is the air tight shell or cover surrounding pump impeller; which covers, protect and provide support for the pump assembly.
  • 2 ) Impeller.
  • 3 ) Shaft.
  • 4 ) Shaft Sleeve.
  • 5 ) Balance Chamber.
  • 6 ) Wear Rings.
  • 7 ) Mechanical Seal.

What is ACW pump?

How are auxiliary cooling water pumps (acw pumps) used in combined-cycle power plant service, and what pump types can be used? The auxiliary cooling water then proceeds to small heat exchangers used for cooling the pump and motor bearing frames, mechanical seals and other equipment.

What are the two most important criteria of a boiler feed pump?

Boiler feed pump must not only be able to supply feed water requirement; but also work as a condensate and makeup water pump when required. To ensure proper operation of these pump; feed water must be free from steam, air and insoluble solids.

What is steam used for today?

Heating applications for positive pressure steam can be found in food processing factories, refineries, and chemical plants to name a few. Saturated steam is used as the heating source for process fluid heat exchangers, reboilers, reactors, combustion air preheaters, and other types of heat transfer equipment.