How do you ask for diapers at a baby shower?

How do you ask for diapers at a baby shower?

Hear this out loudPausePlease bring a little extra from the heart, An unwrapped pack of diapers to give them a good start! We can’t wait to see you at the shower! But please don’t wrap gifts in more than a ribbon or flower.

Whats a good prize for a diaper raffle?

What Are Some Clever Diaper Raffle Prizes?

  • a coffee gift basket full of coffee, a mug and a $5-10 coffee card.
  • a movie basket with popcorn, licorice and a movie.
  • a spa basket with bubble bath, a loofah, a bath bomb and some lotion.

What is a diaper raffle at a baby shower?

Hear this out loudPauseWhat Is A Diaper Raffle? Simply put, a diaper raffle is a baby shower activity to get mommy-to-be lots of diapers. It is seriously easy for the baby shower host to set up. All you need are raffle tickets and an awesome prize.

What do you write on a surprise baby shower invitation?

Additional Baby Celebration Wording

  • “Twinkle Twinkle, it’s a sprinkle!”
  • “With a baby on the way, join us for our baby sprinkle.”
  • “Come sprinkle our baby with love.”
  • “Come join ____ and ____ for a baby sprinkle.”
  • “Come attend our baby sprinkle, where we will celebrate our coming baby.”

Are you supposed to bring diapers to a baby shower?

Hear this out loudPauseBut whether you call it a baby shower or a baby sprinkle, it really doesn’t matter. As such, the parents already have all the baby necessities they need. Baby shower gifts are therefore mostly diapers and wipes. A baby sprinkle comes with its own special baby shower wording.

What are some good baby shower games?

Best Baby Shower Games

  • How Old Was She? Here’s another baby shower game that shines a spotlight on Mom.
  • Are You That Baby?
  • My Water Broke!
  • Find the Guest!
  • Guess the Candy Bar.
  • Guess the Baby Food.
  • The Left Right Game.
  • Emoji Anagrams.

How long should baby showers last?

2-3 hours
Hear this out loudPauseHow Long are Baby Showers? Baby showers last on average 2-3 hours, depending on what’s planned for the celebration. Plan for enough time to enjoy all of the baby shower games and activities you have planned for the day.

How many prizes do you need for a baby shower?

Hear this out loudPauseHow many prizes do you need? Your guests should have at least a 1 in 10 chance of winning. So if you have 30 guests, you’ll need at least 3 prizes. You can always do more, but I would do at least one for every ten people you invite.

Who should give a baby shower?

Hear this out loudPauseClose friends, cousins, aunts, sisters-in-law, and coworkers of the mother-to-be have traditionally been the appropriate parties to host a baby shower.

How do you word a diaper raffle on a baby shower invitation?

Best Diaper Raffle Wording Ideas

  1. How to Play: Start by adding a raffle card to the baby shower invitation.
  2. #1 Bring a pack of diapers in any size for a chance to win a special prize!
  3. #2 A cute little pumpkin is on the way and we hope you will play…
  4. #3 Oh baby!

How do you write a baby shower description?

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples

  1. Sugar and spice and everything nice — it’s a girl!
  2. We can’t wait to meet our little girl!
  3. Join us in celebrating our perfect baby girl!
  4. A beautiful little girl to love and adore… we couldn’t ask for more!
  5. We’re absolutely tickled pink that it’s a girl!

How do you write a baby shower invitation sample?

20 Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples

  • Oh boy!
  • A noble little prince is on his merry way!
  • Join us in celebrating [mom-to-be’s name]’s brand new baby boy by showering her with love and everything baby blue!
  • A baby boy is about to join the [family last name] crew!
  • Snips and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails.

How to word a baby shower diaper raffle?

If you’re planning a baby shower diaper raffle, the challenge is explaining the rules succinctly. After all, the instructions typically need to fit in the invitation text or a small insert sent out with the invites. To give you some ideas, here are some diaper raffle wording samples using poems and snappy sayings.

Do you need to send out diaper raffle tickets?

When you are sending out your baby shower invitations, include a diaper raffle ticket in each envelope. If you have already sent out your baby shower invitations, simply give each guest a raffle ticket for each package of diapers they bring.

How to win free diapers at a baby shower?

Just bring diapers in any size for a chance to win a special prize! #5 Let’s Pamper Mom-to-Be with diapers for free. Bring diapers in any size (loose or in a package) for a chance to win a prize! #6 The new parents will need a good stock, for changing their little one around the clock!

What to put in an envelope for a diaper raffle?

The best and easiest option is to simply include a (business card sized) diaper raffle ticket in the invitation envelope. (Some people print or write cute diaper raffle sayings on the invitation.