How do you bend a rub rail?

How do you bend a rub rail?

Bend the rub rail around the bow by applying steady pressure with one hand while you lightly tap the rub rail with a rubber mallet where you want it to bend. Complete the installation of the rest of the rub rail.

What is a rub rail on a boat?

A rub rail hides the joint between a boat’s deck and hull, thus accentuating the sheerline. On a practical note, it serves as a buffer between the boat and pilings, seawalls and other objects. Hence the name, rub rail.

What is the rubber bumper around a boat called?

Fiberglass boat gunwales are surrounded by metal and aluminum protection variously called a “bang rail” or a “rub rail.” Its obvious purpose is to absorb the impact of close encounters with dock pilings. A less obvious purpose is to cover the joint between the hull and deck.

What is the rubber strip around a boat called?

What is a Rubrail?

: a metal rail to protect against rubbing: such as. a : a projecting steel or aluminum strip that protects a truck or bus body against damage by gliding contact. b : a brass rail on a boat to take wear of the lines.

Why is gunwale pronounced gunnel?

With the spelling “gunwale” one is tempted to pronounce is like “gun-whale”, just as it looks. However, the proper original pronunciation is like “gunnel”, as rhymes with “funnel”. With gunwale meaning the uppermost side of a boat, an expression has taken root with that concept.

What is a gunnel rail?

The gunwale (/ˈɡʌnəl/) is the top edge of the hull of a ship or boat. Originally the structure was the “gun wale” on a sailing warship, a horizontal reinforcing band added at and above the level of a gun deck to offset the stresses created by firing artillery.

How do you replace a Boston Whaler rub rail?

Select your entire OEM replacement rail by make, and in the same color combinations Boston Whaler purchased through us. Please note: Given we are the manufacturer of the vinyl extrusions, we do not include mounting hardware. Replace just a section of your rail, or select your own rub rail set color combinations.

How to get a rub rail for your boat?

For further assistance with the selection of a TACO Marine Rub Rail for your boat call our technical HOT LINE at 800-653-8568. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER! Wait…

Who is the largest producer of rub rail?

TACO Marine is the largest producer of Rub Rail to boat builders. TACO Marine’s Rub Rail is renown for its durability, fade resistance and fit. Below is a simple cross refrence to the original rub rail installed by most boat builers.

Where can I buy a Boston Whaler boat?

For product information and dealer pricing, please contact your local Boston Whaler dealer. Pricing and parts are available through your nearest Boston Whaler dealership only. Owner’s manuals, performance sheets, spec sheets, technical diagrams and prints.