How do you change the draw length on a PSE Nova?

How do you change the draw length on a PSE Nova?

Slide the connectors up and away from the bow limbs and pull them out of the pulley wheels. Move the connectors to a new hole or position on the wheels (a higher hole if you want the draw length shorter or a lower hole if you want the draw length longer).

How do you adjust the draw weight on a PSE bow?

Draw Weight: Your bow is factory-set to within 2 lbs. of the peak draw weight indicated on the bow hang tag and the last 2 digits of the serial number. Changes in draw weight can be made by turning the limb bolt in or out. Before making any changes in weight, turn the limb bolt clockwise to the bottom position.

How do you adjust PSE guide?

For adjusting you need to remove the hex screws of the red adjustment module and set them on the desired position (same letter for top and bottom). After that one you have to move the draw stop hex screw to the corresponding position and you’re done.

What year is my PSE bow?

Locate the data sticker on the PSE bow. The data sticker is located on the inside of the lower limb of the bow, near the handle. The data sticker identifies the bow and allows the manufacturer to access information regarding the bow such as its year, make and model. Dial PSE’s customer support line at 520-884-9065.

How do you shorten the draw length on a PSE compound bow?

To change draw length on the ECS: Loosen the two 8-32 size 15 Torx® screws holding the module to the cam approximately 1-1/2 turns, move the module to the desired setting. The setting will be in the window marked “DL” move the module to the same setting on both top and bottom cams.

Is PSE Stinger a good bow?

The Stinger is a very good value for a hunting bow. It has everything you need; speed, consistent and accurate shootability and its priced under $300. With six inches of draw length adjustments, this bow can fit a wide variety of shooters and could be a great first bow for beginners.

How do you increase the draw weight on a PSE Stinger?

Best thing to do is turn each limb bolt a half turn each and then shoot a few arrows, doing it like that will give you your upper limit of draw weight you can pull and shoot accurately. If you drop down five pounds in draw weight you will have to resight.

The PSE Nova can have its draw length changed quickly and easily. Draw the bow to full draw and hold it. Have your assistant place a nail in the small round hole in the bottom of each pulley wheel and then slowly let the pressure off of the bow string.

What kind of bow is a PSE Nova?

The PSE Nova is a dependable and fast compound bow. Compound bows are archery bows that use cables and pulleys make drawing the bow easier. Compound bows are also known for their speed in relation to their recurve bow counterparts.

What’s the draw weight on a PSE compound bow?

PSE Compound Bows normally make use of two rotating inner cam settings (as mentioned above). Regardless of the model’s inner cam setting, this compound bow has two draw weight settings. The first, which is the Fixed Peak Weight Setting, maintains the same peak draw weight adjusted on the bow.

Where to find the serial number on a PSE compound bow?

Fill in the following information for your personal records. Bow Model Bow Serial Number: See page 43 for the serial number location on your bow. Purchased From: Purchase Date: Draw Length Draw Weight