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How do you cite a blog in APA in text?

How do you cite a blog in APA in text?

“where”: Use Retrieved from and the URL of the blog post. The name of the blog itself is not part of the reference, although it’s often evident from the URL. As with other APA Style references, the in-text citations will match the author name(s) and the year.

How do you cite a white paper in APA format?

In APA, in citing a white paper, you’re essentially citing a government document and/or a private document, in which case, the following information is needed, in this order: Author or, if none, the organization. (Year of publication). Title of the document (And any more specific publication information).

How do you write a policy brief in APA format?

Step 1: Define the Problem. What is the issue or the problem? Step 2: State the Policy. Identify 1–3 specific policy actions that will address the problem. Step 3: Make Your Case. Step 4: Discuss the Impact.

How do you write a policy recommendation?

How are Policy Recommendations Structured?identify and clarify the policy issue.research relevant background and context.identify the alternatives.carry out required the best policy option.prepare policy recommendation document for approval.

How do you write a policy briefing paper?

A policy brief should:Have a clear and specific purpose or focus-a policy brief should have a particular audience in mind. Be practical and based on evidence-a policy brief aims to be persuasive and a big part of convincing the target audience of your key message is supporting your ideas with evidence.

How do you start a policy brief?

Explain why the issue is important to your readers. Use the introduction of your brief to let your readers know why they should care about the issue. Keep your audience in mind, especially if you’re writing to an antagonistic audience.

How long should a policy brief be?

One of the challenging issues of writing a policy brief is that it should be brief. A policy brief should be a “stand-alone” document focused on a single topic that is no more than two to four pages in length or 1,500 words (International Development Research Center, 2013) (Figure 2).