How do you cite a monograph in APA?

How do you cite a monograph in APA?

The format for listing a monograph is to list (1) the author(s), (2) the year of publication, (3) the monograph title, (4) the name and volume number of the journal, which should be italicized, and (5) page or issue information.

How do you cite a monograph in APA 7th edition?

Book (Monograph) Citations

  1. Titles of books are italicized.
  2. Titles of books are NOT underlined.
  3. Use hanging indent.
  4. Capitalize the first word of a book title and the first word of the subtitle, if any, and any proper nouns.
  5. Put edition and report numbers in parenthesis after book title.
  6. For more rules, see p.

What is a monograph citation?

Monographs are specialist books written on a particular topic. Sometimes they appear as part of a journal series. Write your reference entry as you would a normal journal article. Add [Monograph] after the title. If you see an issue and serial numbers include them in parentheses, e.g., 58(1, Serial No.

How do you cite a theory in APA?

Citing a Theory as Written by the Author Author Last Name, First Initial(s). (Year). Book title: Subtitle if applicable. Publisher Year, Publisher Location.

How do you cite monograph FDA?

Drug Monographs: Format: Authors. Web site title. Date of first publication [amended date; date cited]. In: database name [Internet].

How do you quote a theorist?

When referring to a model, theory, or test, you only need to provide a citation the first time the model, theory, or test is mentioned in the text. After that, it is not necessary to keep including the citations when the model, theory, or test is mentioned again.

Do I need to cite theory?

No, if you are simply referring to the theory, it won’t be considered a citation. If however you are referring to some other paper and what they have said about the theory or how they have used it, that of course would need to be a citation.

How long is a monograph?

The longer option, monographs, which typically are around 70,000 to 100,00 words in length, are more often used in humanities and social sciences where research is based on text-based discussions more than laboratory results.

What are the side effects of monograph?

Adverse effects: Nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, CNS (dizziness, headache), rash, gynecomastia.

How do you convert citations?

In Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote tab. In the Bibliography section on the tool bar, click on ‘Convert Citations and Bibliography. ‘ Choose ‘Convert to Plain Text.

How do you cite the NLM style?

List all authors, last name first, then first initial and middle initial, if available, separate each author by a comma. List full article title, capitalize only first word and any proper nouns. Abbreviate journal title according to NLM Catalog of Journals. Put year first, followed by month and date, if listed.