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How do you complete the hood of Safari in GTA 5?

How do you complete the hood of Safari in GTA 5?

Mission Objectives

  1. Get in the van.
  2. Go to Grove Street.
  3. Go to the dealer’s house.
  4. Escape from Grove Street with Lamar and Trevor.
  5. Follow Lamar.
  6. Lose the Cops.
  7. Take Franklin to his house. ( If the player escaped the cops with Trevor and Franklin)
  8. Take Trevor to the Vanilla Unicorn. (

How do you get the hood of Safari mission?

GTA 5 Mission 24 – Hood Safari is available after you complete the mission “By the Book”. In order to start it, get to the Franklin’s safe house, with either Franklin or Trevor. Above the house is capital “F” marking the mission start area.

What happened to Grove Street Families in GTA 5?

The Families and their allies, the Varrios Los Aztecas (who begin to suffer the same fate), essentially become nearly defunct and inactive and the Ballas and Vagos control the streets of Los Santos.

How do you escape the cops with Lamar?

ESCAPING WITH LAMAR: If you decide to escape with Lamar, he will dock the Seashark at the nearest beachside and then you’ll have to escape the cops by foot. Once the fuzz dies down, Lamar will ask you to drop him back to his house.

How do you do the Minisub mission in GTA 5?

To do this, run to the other side of the ship where you can see the Mini-Sub. Equip the Sniper Rifle and shoot at the cables holding it. Once the Mini-sub is down, dive into the water and enter the Mini-sub and steer it to the waypoint so that Floyd can retrieve the submersible and place it on the truck.

Why is Grove Street full of Ballas?

The Middle of the War After CJ’s return, while GSF members Big Smoke, Ryder, Sweet and CJ were out getting food, they were attacked by Ballas but they managed to kill all of them. The Grove Street Families got revenge on them and did a drive-by on their turf. After that, CJ started taking over more Ballas turf.