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How do you cut nichiha panels?

How do you cut nichiha panels?

Always cut fiber cement panels outside and with a dust-collecting HEPA vacuum system. Do not cut the products in an enclosed area. Use a dust-reducing circular saw with diamond-tipped or carbide-tipped fiber cement saw blades. Always clean panels after cutting.

How thick is Hardie Reveal Panel?

5/16 in.
HardiePanel vertical siding is 5/16 in. thick and is available in 4×8, 4×9 and 4×10 sizes. Please see your local James Hardie dealer for texture and size availability.

Can I use a framing nailer for Hardie siding?

The answer is, yes. Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. You may also find that siding nailers are a few pounds lighter than framing guns.

Can you use a nail gun on Hardie plank?

Fiberboard cement siding can be hand-nailed, but because it’s so much harder and more brittle than wood, you have to predrill holes near any edge. You can save yourself a bunch of time by using a pneumatic coil siding nail gun. Don’t drive nails into the siding at an angle.

Do you need plywood behind Hardie board?

Fiber cement siding should be installed over plywood, OSB, or sheathing. Be sure that the siding installed is dry. Building codes will usually require installing siding over water-resistant barriers and nailed into the studs every 16 or 24 inches.

How do you drill into fiber cement board?

How to Drill Holes Through Cement Fiber Siding

  1. Mark the siding where you want to drill the hole.
  2. Place the siding on two 2-by-4s, so that the mark is between the boards, for support, when the siding has not been installed. Otherwise, the board siding may snap during drilling.
  3. Place the carbide drill bit in the drill.

Does Hardie board need plywood backing?

How much does a 4×8 sheet of Hardie panel weigh?

A. Absolutely not. Hardieplank weighs 2.3 lbs per square foot. That is about the same weight as 5/8″ thick Sheetrock.

What can fiber cement cladding panels be used for?

Fiber Cement cladding panels are ideal for ventilated, light weight facades, including wall systems, soffits, fascias, window elements, and balcony boards – just to name a few. When you select fiber cement cladding panels for your building, you benefit from numerous advantages and flexibility.

Can you use filler panels on fiber cement siding?

The joints between the panels don’t have to be contrasting or left open; filler panels of fiber cement in the same color as the larger panels help to create a transitional exterior for this building.

What kind of trim does fiber cement use?

The Fiber Cement Trim System by EasyTrim Reveals ® consists of 2 depths of extruded aluminum trim profiles that work together to create one complete system. All EasyTrim Reveals ® trim profiles come in 10’ lengths and are made from ultra-durable 6063-T6 aluminum.

Which is the best company for fiber cement?

There are many companies promoting fiber cement panels, but only Cladding Corp has the premier fiber cement panel plus an engineered assembly solution that guarantees optimal performance and aesthetics. Download the 2020 Swisspearl Design Solutions Overview Brochure.