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How do you get extreme mode on Project Diva?

How do you get extreme mode on Project Diva?

EXTREME and EXTRA EXTREME can only be accessed after clearing a song on HARD.

How do you get perfect on Project Diva?

PDF players, tips please on getting Perfect in Project Diva F!

  1. Use the sound, not just visuals.
  2. Have a relaxing holding position.
  3. Don’t play the same song over and over again.
  4. When you need to press multiple of the same button, don’t rest your thumb on the keys, but slightly above.

How much does Project Diva F 2nd cost?

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd Playstation Vita

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
GameStop $14.99
eBay $29.99
Amazon $43.97

Is Project Diva Mega Mix worth it?

It’s a perfect fit for dipping in and out of in handheld and is extremely welcoming to newcomers whilst still providing plenty of tough challenges for veteran rhythm game fans. If you’re a follower of this particular genre, then Project DIVA Mega Mix comes highly recommended.

How do you unlock Extreme Project Diva future tone?

In order to unlock these difficulties, you simply have to clear a song on Hard. In this difficulty the notes will appear on screen in greater numbers and in more difficult combinations so be prepared.

Is Project Diva future tone free?

It is released as a free-to-download base game titled Prelude containing a limited amount of the content of Arcade Future Tone. The game’s full list of songs and Modules are divided into two paid add-on song packs called Future Sound and Colorful Tone.

How do you rank up in Project Diva future tone?

Simply get enough progress on the song to push your total past the red line, and you will clear the song. Your grade on the song will determine how much your rank will increase.

How do you edit songs on Project Diva F 2nd?

Once you’ve download both the Edit and music files onto your system, you can now play the song. The option to play Edits is in the same menu where you can either choose to play the Tutorial or the official songs. Just select the Edit to play, then the mp3 file that goes with it, and you’re set.

Can you play Project Diva F PS4?

I would like to know if the Hatsune Miku Project F Mini Controller is compable with the PlayStation 4 console? Answer: It is not designed for the PS4 but you can make it work by using a CronusMax. CronusMax is a usb dongle like device that will plug into your ps4.

Is Project Diva inappropriate?

The game itself is not inappropriate, as it is a rhythm game. The only thing to consider is that some lyrics (even though they are Japanese) have some sexual/inappropriate themes. Otherwise it is a really fun game that you should definitely play!

How much does Project Diva Mega Mix cost?


Country Price
United States $39.39
Czech Republic 898,99 Kč
South Africa R599.00
Australia $59.95