How do you get the Forest Adventure Pass?

How do you get the Forest Adventure Pass?

You can purchase a National Forest Adventure Pass, Day ($5, Pink in color) or Annual ($30, color depends on year), at most major L.A. area sporting good stores like REI and Big 5.

Do you still need an Adventure Pass?

The Forest Service requires you to display an Adventure Pass in your parked car at many of the trailheads used for our hikes on SoCalHiker. The rule of thumb is that if there are any improvements at the trailhead (pit toilets, picnic tables, etc.) an Adventure Pass is required.

Do adventure passes expire?

Tip: When buying Annual & Second Vehicle Adventure Passes or America the Beautiful Interagency Passes, consider making your purchase near the beginning of the month. Why? Because these passes are valid until the end of the month of purchase in the following year.

Do you need an Adventure Pass for Mt Baldy?

Picnicking is permitted along the streambeds and on other National Forest land in the Mt. Baldy area, but be sure to “pack it in and pack it out”! A National Forest Adventure Pass is required for your vehicle.

How long do Adventure Pass last?

Please note: an Adventure Pass is good for only one season – the Seasonal Event that it was bought for. The Adventure Pass will need to be purchased new for each season, if desired. However, leftover gift-passes will not expire if left unused.

Does America the Beautiful pass cover national forest?

America the Beautiful Interagency Passes cover Standard Amenity Fees charged at any National Forest nationwide AND all entry fees charged at National Parks, Monuments and US Wildlife Refuges nationwide. They also can be used at national parks, wildlife refuges and other federal lands.

Can you use national park pass instead of Adventure Pass?

The Adventure Pass is not a national pass like the America the Beautiful Interagency Passes. America the Beautiful Interagency Passes are also accepted at all locations where the Adventure Pass is required. Go to the page links below to view a map of the Sites & Areas that require a recreation fee.

What is a California Adventure Pass?

The National Forest Adventure Pass is a recreation fee pass issued by the United States Forest Service that permits bearers in designated regions of four National Forests in Southern California to park their cars for the purpose of recreation.

Is Mt Baldy free?

Mt Baldy is also in the Angeles National Forest and requires an Adventure Pass for parking. These can be purchased in advance before reaching the mountain or once you pass through Mt Baldy Village. The pass is $5 for the day or $30 for a year (or even better, $35 for two cars for a year).

Do you need hiking boots for Mt Baldy?

Wear a good pair of hiking boots and hiking shoes. Not hiking shoes, trail running shoes, or sandals, but actual boots. Your feet will thank you. Plus, you’ll be less likely to slip on some of the steeper sections on your way down the mountain.

How much does Adventure Pass cost sky?

The standalone Adventure pass is available for $10.00, the bundle $19.99. When gifting a pass, the recipient will also receive the 20 Season Candles a normal pass provides.

What is the ultimate gift and do I need the Adventure Pass to receive it?

Ultimate Gifts are the final reward(s) you can obtain from each Season, and you must have the Adventure Pass to unlock them. You will need to trade Seasonal Hearts with the Season’s Quest Giver to unlock each Ultimate Gift.