How do you get to Deepmist Grotto?

How do you get to Deepmist Grotto?

Take the flight path to Sandy Beach. From here head due east on a flying mount. Dive down when you see a cave on the map (Deepmist Grotto) in Gnaw’s Boneyard.

How do I get to vashj IR Shadowlands?

Players can fly to Vashj’ir with a flying mount: fly directly west from Dun Morogh, west-north-west from the Stormwind Harbor lighthouse or south-west from Ruins of Gilneas. Players will fly over the fatigue waters between the continents and it will take 280% flying skill to reach Vashj’ir before dying to fatigue.

How do you get to shimmering expanse in BFA?

Getting There The quest Across the Great Divide has players swim across the abyss into the cave opening that leads into the Shimmering Expanse. The cave mouth is located to the west of the Clutch in the Kelp’thar Forest, across the Lightless Reaches.

How do I get to vashj IR from Orgrimmar Shadowlands?

To get to Vashj’ir, you will need to pick up the Low Level Quest “Warchief’s Command: Cal to Vashj’ir” from the Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar. Then follow the questline.

How can I move in vashj IR?

Swim to the surface from your starting point in Vashj’ir and fly or swim towards land. Your world map will show a surface map for Vashj’ir. Then next time you want to go back, you can fly from UC.

How do I get back to vashj IR?

To return to Eastern Kingdom from Vashj’ir without a hearth In the first zone (Keep’thar Forest), swim to the surface to the southern region around The Clutch. You should see an island in that vicinity (there may be some swimming required).

How do I get to vashj IR 120?

How do I start vashj IR alliance?

Turn on Low Level Quest tracking on your minimap, and head down to the Stormwind Docks. There should be an NPC (Recruiter Burns) at the land-side end of the dock where the Northrend boat departs from who will give you the appropriate starting quest.