How do you hear a sine wave in MATLAB?

How do you hear a sine wave in MATLAB?

in sine function in MATLAB it is always sin(wt). here frequency w is in radian/sec not f (in HZ) so w will give you the no. of the cycle. if you want to use the sin(2*pi*60*t) you can use the sind(2*pi*9.545*t).

How do I get sound in MATLAB?

After you import or record audio, MATLAB supports several ways to listen to the data: For simple playback using a single function call, use sound or soundsc . For example, load a sample MAT-file that contains signal and sample rate data, and listen to the audio: load chirp.

How do you generate a sine wave from a square wave in MATLAB?

Plot this fundamental frequency.

  1. t = 0:.1:10; y = sin(t); plot(t,y);
  2. y = sin(t) + sin(3*t)/3; plot(t,y);
  3. y = sin(t) + sin(3*t)/3 + sin(5*t)/5 + sin(7*t)/7 + sin(9*t)/9; plot(t,y);

How do I create a WAV file in MATLAB?

Write an Audio File Write a WAVE ( . wav ) file in the current folder. Read the data back into MATLAB using audioread . [y,Fs] = audioread(filename);

What is the difference between sound and Soundsc?

Answers (1) sound(y) sends audio signal y to the speaker at the default sample rate of 8192 hertz. soundsc(y) scales the values of audio signal y to fit in the range from –1.0 to 1.0, and then sends the data to the speaker at the default sample rate of 8192 hertz.

How do you make a sound?

Sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. When any object vibrates, it causes movement in the air particles. These particles bump into the particles close to them, which makes them vibrate too, causing them to bump into more air particles. This movement, called sound waves, keeps going until they run out of energy.

How do you make a square wave with a sine wave?

A square wave can be created by adding the sum of the odd harmonics of a sine wave. This is better explained for odd harmonics as follows. For the LLC, a higher switching frequency of 90 kHz is used in place of the 50Hz fundamental frequency in the aforementioned example.

How do I read an audio file in Python?

  1. Different Python modules to read wav: There is at least these following libraries to read wave audio files:
  2. The most simple example: This is a simple example with SoundFile: import soundfile as sf data, samplerate =‘existing_file.wav’)
  3. Format of the output:

How do I import an audio file into Matlab?


  1. Read Complete Audio File. Open Script. Create a WAVE file from the example file handel. mat , and read the file back into MATLAB®.
  2. Read Portion of Audio File. Open Script. Create a FLAC file from the example file handel.
  3. Return Audio in Native Integer Format. Open Script. Create a .