How do you hide the thought bubbles in Sims 3?

How do you hide the thought bubbles in Sims 3?

Hold down CTRL and Shift while pressing C to bring up the console window. 2. Type hideHeadlineEffects on and press Enter to disable the thought balloons.

How do you see your Sims thoughts?

Yup, the thought bubbles above your Sim’s thumbnail, also known as Whims, are not automatically disabled from the game. However, the feature wasn’t fully removed from the game – it was just disabled along with the introduction of a new section in Game Options. To bring back Whims, go to Options > Gameplay > Show Whims.

What do Sims thought bubbles mean?

Thought bubbles are what the sim is thinking about kind of the brain of the sim. A sim that has to go to the bathroom will show a toilet in the thought bubble, and is a representation of their needs, smooth means not, immediate, jagged bubbles mean urgent.

How do you get rid of bots on Sims 3?


  1. From the starting menu push Ctrl Shift C thats the cheat menu then type testingcheatsenabled true enter your game and go to the your person you want to kill click on there hunger bar and drag it down then they will die but all your sims will be sad and not want to do some things.
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How do you get rid of the Plumbob in Sims 3?

Type Control+Shift+C to bring up the console, then enter the following code: hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] That code should hide all meters and effects in the game, such as the plumbbob and skill meter, which is ideal for movie making.

Which bubble flavor makes Sims flirty?

Passionfruit Potion – gives sims either a flirty moodlet that causes them to burp fire, or an angry moodlet and red skin. Plain – Gives your sim a Happy or Dazed moodlet.

What is the bubble machine in Sims 4?

Bubble bars return in The Sims 4: City Living and function as fun objects. Toddlers and Children cannot use the bubble bar. There are different flavor cartridges, which can give the Sim an array of Moodlets. Swapping flavor cartridges has no cost.

Which bubble flavor makes sims flirty?

What is the bubble machine in sims 4?