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How do you identify a gossamer winged butterfly?

How do you identify a gossamer winged butterfly?

In males the upper-wing surfaces are usually brightly coloured and iridescent. The underwing patterns of both sexes are spotted or streaked and often have false eye-markings and trailing filaments on the hind wings that serve as decoys for predators. Their food plants include trees, shrubs, and annual legumes.

Do butterflies have Gossamer wings?

Lycaenidae is the second-largest family of butterflies (behind Nymphalidae, brush-footed butterflies), with over 6,000 species worldwide, whose members are also called gossamer-winged butterflies. They constitute about 30% of the known butterfly species….

Family: Lycaenidae Leach, 1815

How long do gossamer winged butterflies live?

Quick Facts
Distribution Different parts of the United States of America like Alberta, British Columbia, northern Saskatchewan, southern Maine
Habitat In and close to evergreen forests
Lifespan of adults Approximately three weeks
Host plants Lupines, Gambel oak, California juniper, red cedar, Utah juniper, and horseshoe vetch

Where are gossamer winged butterfly found?

Although it is most common in the state of California, it can be found throughout most of the central western states from the Pacific Coast westward to the Rocky Mountains.

What does on gossamer wings mean?

gossamer wings. (C14 (in the sense: a filmy cobweb): probably from gos goose1 + somer summer1; the phrase refers to St Martin’s summer, a period in November when goose was traditionally eaten; from the prevalence of the cobweb in the autumn; compare German Gänsemonat, literally: goosemonth, used for November)

What color is gossamer?

What type of paint colour is Gossamer Veil? Gossamer Veil is a warm gray that’s TRYING desperately to be a greige (warmer) but isn’t quite getting there. In south or west-facing afternoon light, you might see Gossamer Veil lean into its warmth, looking MORE like a greige paint colour.