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How do you moderate a town hall meeting?

How do you moderate a town hall meeting?

Make it interactive. Ask questions via poll or show of hands to help understand the sense of the room. Stream live video and invite questions via Facebook or Twitter. Q & A isn’t the only—or the most engaging—way to facilitate a telephone town hall meeting.

How do I make my town hall meetings engaging more?

Making your town hall meetings more engaging

  1. Play music.
  2. Keep sessions smaller.
  3. Incorporate a meal into the meeting.
  4. Use pictures and videos.
  5. Present awards at the meeting.
  6. Make it more interesting by hosting an interview.
  7. Encourage feedback via a follow-up survey.

How do I make my town hall effective?

10 Tips for More Effective Virtual Town Hall Meetings

  1. Celebrate your winners.
  2. Kick off a two-way conversation with ice breakers.
  3. Create a meeting agenda before the video meeting.
  4. Check your tech.
  5. Make it easy for everyone to join the video meeting.
  6. Use a moderator.
  7. Have a clear leader.
  8. Use a variety of speakers.

How do you host a virtual town hall meeting?

Here is a step-by-step breakdown for how you can plan virtual town hall meetings:

  1. Pre-Planning Considerations.
  2. Define the Meeting Objective.
  3. Plan the Meeting Agenda.
  4. Prepare Your Content.
  5. Send Meeting Invitations to the Employees.
  6. Invite Questions In Advance.
  7. Perform a Technical Dry Run.
  8. Welcome Your Attendees.

What is another word for town hall meeting?

What is another word for townhall meeting?

townhall forum discussion
forum symposium
meeting rally
townhall gathering
roundtable seminar

Are town hall meetings effective?

What is the potential of effective town hall meetings? When town halls are well organized, they provide employees with the opportunity to closely interact with team leaders. It boosts trust and confidence. During the town hall, you can share content your team members can’t hear anywhere else.

How do you engage a team meeting?

How to Engage Employees in Meetings:

  1. Start with Good News. Think of this as a non-cheesy icebreaker.
  2. Rotate Facilitators. Often, your weekly staff meeting will follow the same agenda week after week—this isn’t a bad thing.
  3. Challenge Yourselves to Solve Problems.
  4. Stay Focused.
  5. Make It Fun.

How do I start a town hall meeting?

  1. STEP 1: Form A Planning Committee.
  2. STEP 2: Research the Unique Characteristics of Your Community.
  3. STEP 3: Identify Your Objectives.
  4. STEP 4: Determine The Format of Your Town Hall.
  5. STEP 1: Selecting the Place and Date.
  6. STEP 2: Identify and Invite Panelists.
  7. STEP 3: Identify a Moderator or Facilitator.

What happens at a town hall meeting?

The purpose of town hall meetings is for local and regional officials to hear the community’s views on public issues. Attendees generally present ideas, voice their opinions, ask questions of the public figures, elected officials, or political candidates at the town hall.

What should you ask in a town hall meeting?

Questions to ask executives(CEO, COO, CTO) in a town hall

  • If the company is facing any challenges?
  • What are the major upcoming projects the company is taking?
  • What are the steps being taken for gender diversity in the company.
  • Growth and Hiring plans.

What is a town hall meeting at work?

Traditionally, these town halls were a public meeting or event conducted to open dialogue between town officials and citizens. Usually these meetings are an opportunity for executives to share business results, important company initiatives, and personnel changes.

What is another name for town hall meeting?