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How do you pronounce Yueh?

How do you pronounce Yueh?

According to the B&N Leatherboud I have, it is Yoo-ee, though in my older copy and the scanned edition on Google Books (page 37,) it looks like it could be Yoo-eh. (The symbol above the e is hard to make out.)

What does YEUH mean?

: one of a group of south China people formerly occupying the coastal provinces from Chekiang southward, having affinities with the early Yao and early Vietnamese, and founding an empire reaching its greatest height at Canton in Kwangtung Province.

Is Yue a surname?

Yuè is the Hanyu Pinyin transliteration of the Chinese family name 岳. In places which use the Wade-Giles romanization such as Taiwan, Yue is usually spelled as “Yüeh” or “Yueh”. Yuè is also the pinyin transliteration of the surname 樂in traditional character and 乐in simplified character.

Is Yue Chinese?

Yue (Cantonese pronunciation: [jyːt̚˧˥]) is a group of similar Sinitic languages spoken in Southern China, particularly in Liangguang (the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces). Most later migrants have been speakers of Cantonese. Yue varieties are not mutually intelligible with other varieties of Chinese.

Is Yue a female name?

The name Yue is primarily a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that means Moon. More commonly used for females.

Does Yue mean moon?

Is Cantonese same as Yue?

What Korean name means moon?

Dal is a Korean name meaning moon.

Is moon a Korean name?

Moon, also spelled Mun, is a Korean family name, a single-syllable Korean given name, and an element in some two-syllable Korean given names. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.

What girl name means angel of death?

The name Azrael means Angel Of Death and is of Hebrew origin. Azrael is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. The name of an angel in Jewish and Muslim tradition who separated the soul from the body upon death.