How do you spell the name Genevieve?

How do you spell the name Genevieve?

Genevieve (French: Geneviève) is a female given name of Germanic or Celtic origin. It may be from the Germanic name *Kenowefa (Latinized as Genoveva) meaning “Woman of the race”.

What is the short name for Genevieve?

Nicknames: Genna, Eve, Evie, Ginny, Gemma, Viv, Vivi, Vivvie, Genie, Ginger.

What is the biblical meaning of Genevieve?

Meaning: #White wave, fair-skinned.

What is the nickname for Catherine?


Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Other names
Nickname(s) Kate, Kath, Cat, Cate, Catey, Cath, Catie, Cayte, Kathy, Kathie, Kathi, Katie, Katey, Katy, Kay, Kat, Katya, Katyusha, Kati, Kit, Kitty, Kasia, Cathy, Cathie

Is Genevieve a weird name?

The exact origin of the name is unclear but possibly derived from the Celtic words meaning people, tribe, and woman. Saint Genevieve, known as the patron of Paris, is credited with saving the city from the Huns during the 5th century….Genevieve.

meaning White wave
gender girl
origin Celtic French
popularity popular
syllables 3

Is Genevieve a good name?

Genevieve is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to retain the gen sound but is tired of all the overused Jen names. It is both dainty and substantial and can be pronounced either GEN-uh-veev or the French zhahn-vee-EV.

What are nicknames for Gwendolyn?


Meaning possibly “white eyebrow”
Other names
Alternative spelling Gwendolyne, Guendolen, Gwendolen, Gwendoline, Gwendolin⁣, Gwyndilyn
Nickname(s) Gwen, Wendy, Winnie

What is the full meaning of Genevieve?

The name Genevieve is primarily a female name of French origin that means Woman Of The Family. The name Genevieve is derived from the medieval name Genovefa, which is of unknown origin. It could be derived from the Germanic word kuni meaning “kin, family” and wefa meaning “wife, woman.”

Why is Kate short for Catherine?

Kates come in all shapes and sizes but the name seems to symbolise a sophistated girl next door, intelligent yet cool. The name Kate is a short form of a long list of long names. Katherine (or Catherine) is probably the best known example, but Kate can be short for Kathleen, or Caitlin or even the Irish Caitriona.

Is Rin short for Catherine?

He becomes Vincent’s new neighbor, having moved into the apartment beside his, and also becomes the pianist at the Stray Sheep. It is eventually revealed that Rin is a male crossdresser who is mistaken for a woman due to his dress, pink hair, soft voice and short stature….Rin.

Rin (Qatherine)
ENG VA Brianna Knickerbocker

Is Genevieve a beautiful name?

This is a beautiful name that any Francophile would appreciate. And depending on your allegiance, you can either pronounce the name JEN-uh-veev (like the English) or JHON-vee-ev (like the French). This elegant name begs to be sounded out fully, but pet forms could include Gen, Genna, Genny, Genevie or Vivi.

Are there any variations of the name Genevieve?

If you like Genevieve, you’ll love these other names like Genevieve. What names are variants of Genevieve? Mix it up with these names that are a variation of the name Genevieve. A variant spelling of Jenny. “The gracious gift of God.” A diminutive form of Joanna.

Which is the most common spelling Katherine or Catherine?

In Britain and the U.S., Catherine and its variants have been among the 100 most popular names since 1880. The most common variants are Katherine, Kathryn, and Katharine. The spelling Catherine is common in both English and French. Less-common variants in English include Katheryn, Katharyn, Kathryne, Katherin, Kathrine, Catharine and Cathryn.

Where does the last name Katherine come from?

Look up Katherine or Catherine in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Katherine, Catherine, and other variations are feminine names. They are popular in Christian countries because of their derivation from the name of one of the first Christian saints, Catherine of Alexandria.

Are there any variations on the name Kate?

Cait might be short for Caitlin. Cait, pronounced like more popular sister Kate, is the form used when shortening Caitlin or any of the other Irish and Gaelic Cait-starting variations of Catherine. There are lots of Kathy moms and grandmas but very few babies, most of whom are now called Kate or Katie.