How do you spell the sound of laughing?

How do you spell the sound of laughing?

The most common way to write laughter in English is “haha”. If we want to express more of a giggle, then we can write “hehe” as well. These are examples of onomatopoeia and are different than the acronyms LOL (laughing/laugh out loud) or ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

What sounds do people make when they laugh?

When we laugh, the muscles between our ribs start to perform large, strong contractions. We don’t do much else to shape the noise of laughter – it’s a very basic way of making a sound. When these contractions start to run into one another, people just start to make wheezing sounds.

How do you type out an evil laugh?

How do you spell this evil laugh? Answers: mWahahaha, mUahahaha.

How do you show laughter in text?

From Ahaha To Zfsjkjkjkjk: A Guide To Laughing In Text

  1. Ha. This sounds like you’re being roasted in the group chat and someone brought up your recent breakup in a really mean way.
  2. Haha. This isn’t really a laugh – it’s more of an acknowledgement.
  3. lol.
  4. LOL.
  6. lolz.
  7. lel.
  8. Ha ha ha.

What is a tiny laugh called?

Chuckle is one of many words for different kinds of laughter. These include giggle, titter, snicker, and a word that is a cross between chuckle and snort — chortle. Use chuckle when you mean a quiet, even soundless laugh.

What is the weirdest sound?

9 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

  • The Whistle.
  • Bloop.
  • Julia.
  • Slow Down.
  • The Hum.
  • Skyquakes. Skyquakes, or unexplained sonic booms, have been heard around the world for the last 200 years or so, usually near bodies of water.
  • UVB-76.
  • 52-Hertz whale.

What is silent laughter?

Silent laughter is essentially a deep belly laugh without using your vocal cords. Laughing without making a sound is actually an exercise practiced in laughter therapy and laughter yoga, where the deep breathing involved produces the same benefits as belly laughs.

What can I text instead of LOL?

Another classic laughter expression that, like lol, has weakened through repeated use. Plain haha or autocorrected Haha are sufficient for mild amusement, but for true laughter, go for all-caps HAHA or one of the expansions below.