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How do you use a digital converter box?

How do you use a digital converter box?

Hooking Up a Digital Converter Box:

  1. Unplug Your TV. Turn off your television and unplug your TV before you begin.
  2. Connect Your Antenna.
  3. Choose Your Connector Type.
  4. Connect the Box to the TV.
  5. Plug In Your TV and Converter Box.
  6. Tune Your TV to the Right Channel or Input.
  7. Search for Channels.

How do you hook up a converter box to an antenna?

Using the coaxial wire that comes with your Converter Box, plug one end into the “Out To TV (RF)” port on the Converter Box. Plug the other end into the “Antenna In (RF)” port on your TV. Plug the power cords on your Converter Box and TV into a power outlet, and turn on your TV and Converter Box.

Can you still get a free digital converter box?

Free Digital Converter Box Program Since TV owners wouldn’t be able to pick up broadcast signals without getting a new TV or a converter box, a federal government program offered a coupon for a free digital converter box. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to get a free digital converter box through the government.

How do I know if I need a digital converter box?

Check the specs on your TV using your model number. If it has an ATSC digital tuner, an external converter box will not be needed. If the TV shows an NTSC analog tuner only, then a converter box will be needed.

What year TV needs a converter box?

Very old televisions will, without fail, need a converter box if receiving transmissions via an antenna. Digital television signals did not begin to gain significant popularity in the United States until 1996. Televisions older than that will not have digital tuners.

Does a flat screen TV need a converter box?

Do HDTVs Require DTV Converter Boxes? All HDTVs are built to handle digital transmissions. In fact, connecting a DTV converter box to your HDTV will decrease the picture quality. If you have an HDTV, you’ll only need a converter box if you want to connect an analog VCR.

Can you use an analog antenna with a digital TV?

“Antennas made for analog TV signals work just as well for both digital and high definition signals. If your analog signal was at a certain frequency range, such as in the VHF band, and digital one that replaces it is in the UHF band, then you may need to replace your antenna.”