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How do you use a macerator in Tekkit?

How do you use a macerator in Tekkit?

A macerator containing 16 overclockers requires 8 HV Solar Arrays to fully power. A macerator can also be powered by placing Redstone Dust in its bottom slot. This will power the macerator with up to 13 overclocker upgrades.

How do you use a macerator in Minecraft?

The macerator is used to grind ore giving you two dust for each unit of ore processed. You can then take that ore dust and smelt it at a 1-1 ratio but because you recieved 2 dust you get two ingots instead of one if you had just put the ore in the furnace.

Can you power a macerator with a Redstone engine?

Redstone engines can be used for powering Wooden Pipes, to transfer items from chests (including those from the Iron Chests mod) and machinery e.g. a pump or a macerator .

How do I power a BatBox?

It can be rotated using a Wrench as well as removed with it. Right-clicking on the BatBox will bring up the interface for the device. The upper empty slot near the middle will charge batteries and tools placed in that are compatible with IndustrialCraft 2, while the bottom slot will drain these items.

How does a macerating toilet system work?

Macerating toilets (aka “upflush toilets”), on the other hand, send waste to a macerating unit located behind the toilet or in the wall. High-powered blades liquefy the waste, which is then pumped out of the unit through normal pipe that’s been tied into the main drain line.

How do RV macerator toilets work?

A macerator toilet grinds up waste and paper, similar to a garbage disposal. These toilets have a pump that pumps the waste into the holding tank, so the toilet doesn’t need to be directly over the tank. This makes them perfect for adding a second toilet to the RV or installing it where a gravity flush would not work.

Can Stirling engines overheat?

These engines will never overheat. Note: When hooked up to conductive pipes or BC machinery, they will take much more power.

Do bat boxes explode?

The BatBox is the most basic of several energy storage devices from Industrial Craft. It is able to store up to 40,000 EU (10 coal worth of energy) and can accept a maximum packet size of 32 EU from each of the 5 input faces (bigger EU packages cause the BatBox to explode).